5 Genius Tricks to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

BY Gracee Tolentino · March 30, 2016

It took us forever and a day to find the right lipstick shade and finish for us, and we’re not about to throw it away just because it broke in half or because the season suddenly calls for bright purple. So what’s a girl to do to get more makeup mileage? Read on.

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1. First Things First: Find a Shade That Flatters You

While it’s fun to try out new, eye-catching shades, the lipstick you’d want to keep forever—or at least until it expires—is the one that can withstand the test of time and trends. If you ask us, every girl should have at least three lip colors in her arsenal: a neutral nude, a radiant red and a playful color of your choice. To find the most flattering shade for you, look no further than your own lips. You can never go wrong with a shade that’s just a tad brighter or darker than your natural lip color.

2. Make Your Lipstick Stick

The longer your lipstick stays on your lips, the less you need to retouch. So what’s the right way to apply your lipstick to make sure it lasts? Beginning at your cupid’s bow, line your lips with a lip liner (most makeup artists prefer a nude lip liner) and work your way toward the outer corners of your mouth. Once your entire pout is lined, fill it in—this will not only make the color last longer, but will prevent bleeding as well. Then apply your lipstick and blot. Lock in color by dabbing translucent powder on your lips, and pat the color in with your finger. Finish with another layer of lip color. If the skin around your mouth could use some evening, use a foundation brush to take care of it or conceal any mistakes.

3.  Prime Your Lips

Another way to ensure your lipstick lasts all day is to prime your lips before applying color. This is the one step most women skip. Before you do anything, exfoliate your lips; you’d want to get rid of any dead, dry skin that can grab on to extra color and make lip lines more pronounced. For this task, we love lip scrubs like jane iredale Sugar and Butter Lip Exfoliator. Even the color of your lips with a moisture-packed lip balm.

4. Layer, Layer, Layer

Trends change, but that doesn’t mean you should overhaul your lipstick collection every season. Give your old lippies a fresh spin by mixing and matching the colors. Is your brick-red lipstick too vampy for spring? Layer it with nude or light pink to take it down a notch. You can also play with textures. Give your glossy lipstick a fall-appropriate matte finish by dabbing a little bit of powder on top. Or apply lip gloss over your matte lipstick to give it a nice sheen that’s perfect for summer.

5. Salvage Broken Lipsticks

Don’t toss half-used or broken lipsticks just yet. If you accidentally break your lipstick, you can still put the pieces back together by heating up both sides using a lighted candle or your hair dryer. Once both ends are soft enough, you can easily reattach the broken piece to its base. Put the lipstick in the fridge and let it cool for 30 minutes. If that doesn’t work, scoop out the whole content of the tube using a cosmetic spoon (or an unused ear spoon) and transfer it into an empty pillbox or eye shadow pan. You can always use a lip brush to apply.

Gracee Tolentino

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