5 Red-Carpet Hair Predictions (And How to Recreate Them Right at Home)

BY Gina Mom · February 16, 2017

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh makes his 2017 red carpet hair predictions.

Red carpet style is a complete look from head to toe – so it’s not just about what the stars are wearing, it’s also about how they’re wearing their hair. No other expert knows more about hair than Harry Josh, celebrity stylist to some of the biggest stars. We asked the man behind all the incredible hair looks from the Victoria Secret’s fashion show to share his thoughts. Here are five red-carpet hairstyles that will be trending at the Oscars (and also tips from the hair expert himself on how to obtain these looks at home):

1. Textured Bun


From the low bun to the top knot, this look has been a staple for years on red carpets. Whether they’re messy, sleek, pinned back, adorned with accessories or twisted with hidden bobby pins, buns are going to be the go-to swept up and away look for many.

“The base to any red carpet bun is a great blowout,” says Harry, who recommends the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 and a round brush to perfect the look. “The bristles and shape of the round brush help smooth hair and give movement to ends.”

If a textured bun is required, a curling iron may be added on top of this step to create loose, cascading waves. After the blowout is completed, secure hair with ponytail hold where your bun is desired, whether top-of-head or the nape of the neck. Twist hair gently around the base of the ponytail and secure with hair pins as you work your way around. Finish with a hairspray as needed.

2. Slicked Back 


We’ve seen this on Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid, and we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the end of this trend.

“To get a super sleek style, I recommend flat ironing tiny sections from root to tip,” says Harry. “If you pull too large of a piece of hair, it will not lay completely flat.” And what better tool to smooth out your hair and flatten your kinks than with the Harry Josh Ceramic Styling Iron?

For the wet look often used by the Kardashians, Harry says serums and oils are often added to dry hair to tame flyaways and create high-impact shine.

3. Bombshell Waves


Who wouldn’t love seeing a beautiful head of hair perfectly waved? It’s a soft, classic way to add glamour, but we predict many will go for a more natural, beach wave look. (Must we remind you that Harry is the king of sexy beach waves? Here’s a link on how you can achieve the look with Harry’s beach wave tutorial video.)

To get the look, heed Harry’s advice: “After you blow out your hair, divide into four sections and concentrate on one at a time. Using the 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron, take a one-inch portion of hair and wrap it from mid-length to end, keeping the wand horizontal. This allows for a more uniform wave pattern and less of a ’70s feel. Repeat the same step over and over, section by section, so that the waves are all going in the same direction.”

4. Pumped-Up Pony


We predict the classic ponytail will be a hit among the younger celebs, including the slicked back version, which shows off not only your red carpet makeup but your glowing shoulders and neck too.

To get the ultimate high ponytail, tip your head back at 45 degrees, brush all hair back and secure with a tie. Make sure your head is still at that angle when securing the ponytail. This will ensure a very tight, neat ponytail and give your profile a beautiful shape. You can either wave the ends of your hair or keep them sleek and straight.

5. Grown-Up Braid


Braids have been trending a lot lately. And with quite a number of younger celebrities, we’re sure this style could be quite a hit. The trick is to braid your hair when it’s still slightly wet or damp. Then apply a hair spray like Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray to keep the braid in place. Also, if your braid calls for more complicated steps, opt for handy hair clips like Harry’s Pro Styling Clips to help section off your hair from top to bottom, side to side.

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