The Best Beauty Tricks to Disguise Spring Allergy Symptoms

BY Gracee Tolentino · May 7, 2015

Mask Spring Allergies


With so many fun fashion and beauty trends to try this spring, the last thing you want is a red nose and a pair of puffy eyes. Here, makeup artist and beautyblender creator Veronica Lorenz gives us a few easy skin care and makeup tricks to mask those pesky spring allergy symptoms!


  1. The best way to conceal dark circles is to apply a cream concealer with a brush and blend it with a makeup sponge.”
  1. To make your eyes look more awake, curl your lashes and give them a few swipes of waterproof mascara. Brighten the whites of your eyes by using a dark-blue eyeliner instead of black.”
  1. For red eyes, I use Naphcon A eye drops. This contains an antihistamine to stop itching and a vasoconstrictor that eliminates redness.”
  1. For puffiness, pat warm tea bags over the eyes for 10 minutes instead of cucumber slices. Tea bags work better because they form fit to the eyes.”


  1. For dry and scaly skin around the nose, exfoliate and moisturize. For a weekly exfoliation, I like Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub by La Roche-Posay. This product pays attention to sensitive skin affected by allergies. One line I find that also works well with my clients is Avène.Their products are safe and gentle on irritated skin.”
  1. To cover up a red nose, apply a cream makeup base, such as Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer,with a damp sponge.”


  1. If your skin is red, add a little cortisol cream to your moisturizer or foundation primer. Something like Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics will minimize the need for a thicker foundation. This product also fills in lines and cracks and has a good staying power.”
  1. As for blush, avoid reds and pinks. Go with a neutral tone palette of browns or bronzes.”
  1. To keep your skin from looking bloated, drink lots of water! Add lemon and/or cucumber for an extra boost of vitamin C.”

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