Hair Tutorial: How to Apply Dry Shampoo

BY Lauren Salerno · December 22, 2015

Dry shampoo. If you’re using it right, you love it. If you’re not using it right, it’s an entirely different story. And if you don’t use it all, you’re really missing out. Dry shampoo does exactly what you think it does—absorbs oil on your scalp to keep your hair looking fresh. It also keeps hair smelling clean. And when you use it properly, it can give your hair gorgeous volume and beautiful texture.

In this video, we show you exactly how to apply dry shampoo so it not only gives the look of clean, healthy hair, but luxurious volume as well! It’s important to apply dry shampoo correctly; otherwise you can end up with too much product on your hair and actually weigh it down. You also want to make sure that you spray it from at least six inches away to minimize the white-powder effect. It’s also essential to let the dry shampoo sit in your hair for at least two minutes before you massage it in and brush out (and it’s fine to leave it in longer than two minutes). Now get your dry shampoo, watch the video and give it a try!

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Lauren Salerno

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