How to Pamper Your Skin When Traveling

BY Tammy Fender · April 12, 2016

How to Pamper Skin When Traveling - DermStore


Spring is here! It’s time to travel to destinations far and wide that bring us fresh inspiration, boosting our vitality and enhancing our lives. As we all know, however, while feeding the soul, travel can challenge skin. So I’m offering some of my favorite tips with the hope that they will help you stay in balance while you are on the road.

Before You Travel

The night before a long flight I always recommend a defensive strategy, treating skin to deep, nurturing replenishment before even setting out. Using a treatment such as Restorative Radiance Masque (which I’d like to call as “nature’s Botox”) followed by an application of Quintessential Serum prepares skin for all that lies ahead.

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During Your Flight

When spending hours in flight in an airplane cabin that’s dry and low on oxygen, I like to focus on bolstering the skin’s natural environmental barrier, keeping it protected while sealing in precious moisture. A powerfully rich protocol for the long haul pairs Quintessential Serum, strengthening skin’s integrity, under a layer of Intensive Repair Balm. (I bring a small spritzer bottle of Roman Chamomile Tonic, Bulgarian Rose Water or Essential C Tonic in my carry-on bag for an instant pick-me-up.)

How to Pamper Skin When Traveling - DermStore


When You Reach Your Destination

During my past several journeys I’ve also found that our treatment kits—each offering a well-curated three-week supply of favorite formulations—make lovely travel companions. The Anti-Aging Treatment Kit contains everything you’ll need to revive skin once you’ve reached your destination, whether sunny or snowbound, including formulations you can use for a quick in-room facial.

To perform this mini facial wherever you are, start by massaging Cleansing Milk with Lavender and Fo-Ti onto skin with light, circular motions to encourage microcirculation. Next, lightly exfoliate with Epi-Peel, leaving the masque to absorb for 10 minutes. Then rinse and finish with a revitalizing drop of Quintessential Serum.

Following our hearts and indulging our curiosities is an energetic wellspring. With your skin vibrant, fresh and fully restored, the world is yours to explore!

How to Pamper Skin When Traveling - DermStore

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