Why a Good Skin Care Routine Matters (and the Perfect Way to Start One)

BY Dermstore Editors · March 23, 2017


If you’ve been on the Instagram game long enough, you know that when it comes to taking the perfect selfies, clear, smooth and blemish-free skin is a must. And if good skin days don’t come by often, you can always count on an artsy filter or a clever editing app to instantly kiss those imperfections goodbye. Or, you can start taking better care of your skin with a routine that works for your skin type and addresses all its needs. After all, perfect skin doesn’t only let you boldly go #nofilter, it’s also one of the surest signs of good health.

The Importance of a Daily Skin Care Routine 

Although the skin is the most exposed of our organs and works 24/7 to protect our body from the environment, many of us tend to neglect its proper care, making it susceptible to sun damage, early signs of aging and skin diseases. Fortunately, even the most basic skin care routine can do wonders for your skin’s health and defenses as time goes by, making sure you truly age gracefully.

“The skin is your largest organ and just like you exercise to take care of your other organs, developing a set routine to take good care of it is crucial in helping you maintain the health and beauty you were born with. Once your skin is damaged, it’s incredibly hard to revert back, so you should focus primarily on prevention and secondary on treatment,” says dermatology resident Joyce Park, author of beauty and skin care blog Tea with MD.

When it comes to your skin, you can never be too young to start taking care of it. Rather than fighting your way back to clearer and younger-looking skin, taking a preventative approach by starting early will not only delay the signs of aging and prevent damage, it will also give your skin a strong and healthy foundation as you explore new steps and products that will address your skin’s specific needs as you age, change environments or alter your lifestyle.

What Goes Into a Basic Routine

As a general rule whenever attempting something new, it’s always best to start small and simple. The same principle applies to your skin care routine. “Start from the ground up. It’s hard to develop a good routine with too many specialty products,” advises board-certified dermatologist Janet Prystowsky, creator of Livad Skincare. “The bare minimum skin care routine, no matter what your age, includes cleansing and moisturizing. Cleansing with a gentle cleanser will help clear your skin of dirt, oil and pathogens, while moisturizing will help maintain your skin’s natural defense mechanisms against the elements and infection.”

It’s also important to note that although a two-step routine seems universal, not everything works for everyone. It all boils down to paying attention to your skin’s unique needs and to knowing what products work for your skin type. This is especially true if you have specific concerns that can’t be solved with a simple regimen. This is where targeted treatments, like highly concentrated serums and creams, come in handy.

Before you start buying targeted skin products, it would be wiser to consult a dermatologist first.  “This will help you kick start your skin care regimen and make sure that it’s not only started, but that it’s also the right regimen for you,” says Jill Waibel, board-certified dermatologist and owner of Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute.

Another thing your skin care regimen shouldn’t be without according to experts? A healthy dose of sun protection. “In addition to cleansing, treating and moisturizing, sunscreen is a must,” adds Prystowsky.

A Personalized Skin Care Regimen, Delivered Straight to Your Door

Unfortunately, given the demands of everyday life, not everyone has the time for—or money to spend on—professional consultations. This is where glow by Dermstore can help.

What Is Glow by Dermstore | Dermstore Blog

glow by Dermstore is a skin care subscription service that delivers personalized regimens straight to your door. Each regimen offers three full-size skin care products, which are not only specifically handpicked for your skin’s unique needs but are also normally available only in dermatologists’ offices and medical spas. Backed by a panel of skin experts, thousands of dermatologist-approved skin care products and 17 years of consumer data and insights, glow by Dermstore takes the guesswork out of finding products that really work.

The way it works is simple: Answer a short questionnaire, and the skin experts at Dermstore will analyze your answers and pick the regimen that matches your skin profile. And it doesn’t stop there. All throughout your skin care journey, our experts will check in on your progress, and will even send you some tips and tricks to make sure you stay right on track—it’s the next best thing to a visit to a dermatologist! The best part? You get exclusive savings to top-of-the-line, dermatologist-recommended skin care products on Dermstore.

Check out glow by Dermstore now to see how it can help you get back on track to achieving healthy, glowing skin. And don’t forget: While the right skin care routine can take you from agonizing over filters to confidently posting bare-faced selfies in just a few weeks, it’s the long-term benefits that will have your future self singing you praises.

What Is Glow by Dermstore | Dermstore Blog

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