Good Night, Lift Tight: Meet Nature’s Botox

BY Tammy Fender · March 23, 2016

Spring celebrates renewal in every which way, so it’s the perfect time to try out our newly created Overnight Masque protocol, which I designed in order to bring the season’s fresh radiance to skin. This simple at-home treatment maximizes the amazing, rejuvenating benefits found in my Restorative Radiance Masque, an opulent anti-aging formulation blending powerful botanical healers like lotus and jasmine, but also baobab and white hibiscus, a synergistic combination that we like to call “Nature’s Botox.”

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What’s In It for You                                                                                                                

White hibiscus is a formidable anti-aging ally—a true regenerative. It’s full of natural alpha hydroxy acids that spark cellular renewal by gently resurfacing the skin and encouraging cellular turnover. Talk about a clean start for spring! At the same time, white hibiscus inhibits the breakdown of precious elastin, maintaining skin’s firmness. Yet this remarkable ancient beautifying remedy also serves as a great source of flavonoid antioxidants, which promote resilience and combat environmental stress by protecting against free-radical damage.

And it works so beautifully in concert with baobab, another intensely beneficial traditional remedy. The revered African baobab tree is known for its remarkable longevity and its ability to survive intense droughts. Brimming with essential fatty acids and massive doses of vitamin C, its amazingly nutritive fruit creates an ultra-rich moisturizer that brings a deep luster to depleted or aging skin. When I create my formulas in the apothecary, I often find that it feels like the ingredients simply belong together when the blend is just right. That’s the way it is with Restorative Radiance Masque: I just can’t imagine a more healing combination.

How to Use This Mask

In order for these botanical super-healers to share their benefits more fully, I suggest allowing the masque to work overnight, while activating its ingredients with the majestic rose essence found in my Bulgarian Rose Water.

Step 1: In the evening, apply a spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water to cleansed skin, which offers an exquisitely lush beginning.

Step 2: Next, massage on a thin layer of Restorative Radiance Masque, working in a circular motion to activate microcirculation beneath the surface.

Step 3: Get a good night’s sleep, allowing the masque to absorb overnight, as white hibiscus and baobab are taken in and integrated, replenishing every layer of the skin.

Step 4: In the morning, reactivate the masque with a spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water, performing a gentle massage to loosen the formulation before removing it with a warm cloth. Revive skin with an additional spray of Bulgarian Rose Water, and finish with a drop or two of Quintessential Serum.

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