How to Instill Mindfulness Into Your Skin Care Routine

BY Tammy Fender · March 14, 2016

Even with a full-to-bursting schedule, there are so many wonderful ways to introduce holistic beauty practices into your routine, bringing a glow to the complexion, and a sense of wellbeing to your days. After all, holistic care is not just about skin—or the physical body—but concerns the person as a whole, encompassing the emotional and spiritual levels. Caring for ourselves holistically might mean choosing pure organic and raw foods, finding more time for rest, exercising regularly or simply bringing more attentiveness—mindfulness—to our daily habits. And one of the ways this loving care shines through is in the vibrant glow that holistic living brings to the skin.  I’m happy to share a few of my favorite beauty tips with you.

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1. Start Your Day with Mindful Moments

While you’re busy with whatever fills your days, tease out small moments of awareness when you can lighten your expression, relaxing any tenseness in the facial muscles that can lead to fine lines. The feeling is like an inner ahhhh. And this process of recognizing and relaxing develops mindfulness, bringing loving attention to areas in the face where we hold stress. Happily—it will also lighten your mood!

2. Streamline Your Regimen

Applying skin care products doesn’t have to be a repetitive task. To ensure you have enough time to pay careful attention to each step, keep your products minimal. And you can do this by selecting products that do double—or triple—duty, addressing multiple areas of skin health. Our radically rich 3-in-1 moisturizer, Spontaneous Recovery Crème, is a true powerhouse, protecting skin like a potent serum, penetrating deeply like an oil—and, as our most transformative crème, offering visible results after a single application. Also, take every opportunity to work any excess product into the tips of hair and cuticles. I use every precious last drop of Quintessential Serum in this way, especially in dry weather.

3. Create Your Rolling Sanctuary

If you commute by car, you can bring loving moments of sanctuary to your day, repeating your intentions to yourself as you go, or playing music that soothes and inspires you. You might also take the opportunity to indulge in aromatherapeutic healing. I like to keep a take-along sized bottle of Bulgarian Rose Water in my car, breathing long, low and deep, and benefitting from the majestic, serene and uplifting scent of rose as I move through my day.

 4. Work Out Your Face at the Wheel

When driving, there are a few exercises that shouldn’t distract you too much, and which are effective for maintaining good muscle tone in the face. Countering any looseness at the front of the throat, try tilting your chin up slightly. Press your tongue to the roof or your mouth, and slightly lower your chin to your neck. You will feel the muscles at the front of the throat engage. Alternately, try an exercise that tones cheek muscles, smiling as big as you can—lips closed and corners of your mouth turned up towards your ears. Wrinkle your nose so that your cheeks tighten upwards and hold for five seconds, then relax. (Repeat up to 10 times each day).

5. Make Nighttime Your Prime Time

Layer your favorite beauty formulas at night, giving them plenty of time to absorb so that you benefit fully from the rich energy of their ingredients. I like to mix up my evening routine, using instinct to pull me towards one formulation or another. My favorite at the moment is a layer of Quintessential Serum followed by an application of Spontaneous Recovery Crème, with the two formulations working in synergy to protect and heal skin while I dream.


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