Should You Really Be Concerned About Parabens?

BY Sam Pick · June 10, 2015

Parabens are a topic of much conjecture, and we’re continually asked how and why certain products have our green Paraben-Free seal. Simply put, parabens are chemical preservatives. With a growing concern regarding parabens due to reports indicating possible health risks, it’s important to note why these concerns were first raised and understand the concluding thoughts of the U.S. and global science communities. That and more we’ve outlined for you here.


Friend or Foe?

Parabens have been used in a wide variety of consumer products since the 1920s, and they continue to be today in prevention of fungal and bacterial contamination. They’ve had a long and assured history of safe use, and it wasn’t until 10 or so years ago that some serious questions started to be asked. In response to this, many brands have begun to manufacture and label paraben-free products.

But what were these concerns? In the 1990s, it was shown that parabens actually contained an ability to mimic estrogen in the body, and estrogen disruption had been linked to breast cancer. Then, in a 2004 research study conducted by Dr. Philippa Darbe, it was believed that the various forms of parabens were also linked to breast cancer.

In Defense of Parabens

Understandably, this raised great concern from consumers and precautionary limits were then placed on paraben levels in products. Despite these reports, Dr. Darbe responded by saying that at no point was there a connection made between the presence of parabens and breast cancer. And the estrogenic effect? There’s considerable global research that indicates parabens are actually broken down and excreted harmlessly by the body, and, in any case, they were 10,000 times weaker than naturally occurring parabens found in commonly consumed vegetables and fruits like blueberries, carrots and cucumbers.

So a very weak estrogenic effect has been shown, but to this stage there is no scientific link with any form of cancer. Even the FDA and its extensive research revealed that there was no reason for consumers to be concerned about the use of products containing parabens.

You’ve Got a Choice

We understand that customers deserve a choice and the demand for wholesome, paraben-free beauty products is there. Although you may think natural and organic is the answer, it doesn’t necessarily mean paraben-free or nontoxic. Remember the statistic about the vegetables and fruits? This is where our wide selection of paraben-free products comes in. All you need to do is look for our green Paraben-Free seal located below a product on its particular product page, and you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that’s 100 percent free of any parabens.


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