I Tried a Rotating Makeup Sponge and Here’s What Happened

BY Beti · June 9, 2016

The Product in Question: The Pulsaderm Buddy

The Pulsaderm Buddy is primarily a face-cleansing device, which (pretty much like most cleansing devices) uses pulsating motions to thoroughly cleanse your face. But unlike other devices out there, you can also use this to apply foundation and cream products. While I’m sure it works just fine as a cleansing device, I wanted to see how it fares as a makeup tool. Will it give me the same finish? Is it easy to use and tote around? Will it replace my traditional makeup brushes? That’s what I intend to find out.

What’s in the Box: It comes with a very pretty travel bag, a charger and USB attachment and two interchangeable brush heads in Regular and Sensitive. If you want to use the Pulsaderm Buddy as a makeup applicator, usually you have to purchase the Makeup Sponge head separately. Other heads available for purchase are Body Brush, Super Sensitive, Silicone, Pumice Stone, Microderm Sponge and Flat Pumice Stone.

The Pulsaderm Buddy has two speeds: normal for sensitive or normal skin and high for cleansing tougher parts of your body.

Pulsaderm Rotating Makeup Brush Review - The DermStore Blog


What I Think About Pulsaderm’s Rotating Makeup Sponge

How It Feels on My Skin: The makeup sponge head feels very soft to the touch and is very gentle on the skin. It doesn’t tug or pull, so it will work for every skin type, even if you have sensitive skin.

 Ease of Use: The cleansing tool fits in the palm of my hand. Because it’s smaller and more compact than your regular cleansing brush, it applies foundation even in the tough-to-reach areas like the side of your nose and under the eye area. I recommend using the normal setting on the Pulsaderm Buddy for applying your foundation or cream products. Use circular buffing motions for blending out foundation, and also make sure not to press too hard on the skin. Overall, it makes applying foundation very enjoyable.

The Finish: The finish and coverage that you get with the makeup sponge head from the Pulsaderm Buddy depends on whether the type of foundation that you’re going to use is light to medium coverage or full coverage. You can use as much or as little as you like because the sponge doesn’t soak up a lot of product. Since the sponge distributes and blends the foundation really nicely, it leaves you with an almost airbrushed look to your skin.

The Buddy vs. a Traditional Makeup Brush: The Pulsaderm Buddy makeup sponge head works well with cream and liquid foundations and also cream and liquid blushes and bronzers. For powders, you might want to just stick with a traditional makeup brush. Compared to a regular makeup brush, the Pulsaderm Buddy does a better job at blending out the foundation without any noticeable streaks on the skin.

Cleansing and Upkeep: Since it’s a makeup sponge, I recommend washing it after every use to prevent bacteria buildup. You can use your regular makeup-brush cleanser or even a face cleanser to keep your makeup sponge clean. The fact that the brush heads pop out makes cleaning very easy. You just pop out the makeup sponge head, soak it under water, apply the face cleanser, squeeze out any product buildup that you have on the sponge and rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the process until you’re not getting any product out of the makeup sponge.

Portability: The smaller size of the Pulsaderm Buddy makes it the perfect travel companion because it will easily fit in a medium-size makeup bag. The makeup sponge head also comes with a cap, which makes it very sanitary for travel.

The Verdict: It’s an all-around good foundation applicator and great for those who want a more natural, airbrushed look to the skin.

Pulsaderm Rotating Makeup Brush Review - The DermStore Blog


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