AmLactin and using tanning beds

Question: Hi, I have been using a tanning bed for the last month. I have resently been told that I have keratosis pilaris. I was told to use AmLactin to help with the red pimply spots on my arms and neck. I was wondering is it safe for me to us AmLactin while I'm using a tanning bed and if not it there anything else that I could use instead of AmLactin and still use the tanning bed.

I am probably the wrong person to ask this question only because I do not recommend using tanning beds whats so ever. I would continue using the AmLactin product as well as considering using Glytone Keratosis Pilaris Kit. However, I do want to warn you with such extreme sun exposure, as in a tanning bed, there can be many issues. This does not mean you are going to have a reaction but I do like clients to be warned. Thank you.

Meagan Lasater, Esthetician