Dry, dark spot or callus on back of ankles.

Question: I used to wear low cut socks and the back of my ankle used to rub against the back of my shoe creating a dark patch on the back of my ankles. The skin around started to become more thicker and dark. Ever since then i got socks that completely covers my ankles and they no longer touch my shoes. For some reason it still doesn't go away. I tried over the counter medicine for calluses but it hardly helped. It wont completely go away. I'm afraid that it will leave a scar there and not blend into my normal skin color. what should i do?

Unfortunately with issues such as this, possible permanent scarring or darkening of the skin there is not a lot you can do without seeking consultation from a dermatologist in your local area. I do recommend you try a lightening product on the area such as Exuviance Essential Skin Lightener Gel. Keep in mind though that with a lightening product like this, you must wear a sunscreen, otherwise the darkness may only get worse. Again, a dermatologist will have more aggressive options for you, that may be more helpful, I would recommend speaking to one in your area. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician