Skin care/cosmetics for seb. derm. /acne rosacea

Question: I have tried two types of sulfa face washes and Salex cream to treat my facial seb.derm/rosacea. My skin was too sensitive and dried out with either product. I am in late perimenopause, so I have those skin issues as well. Large pores, powdery/scaly areas, redness and brown spots!! Yuk. I would love to be able to cover with foundation but find they exacerbate or irritate my skin. Even mineral makeup isn't good, because it shows all the fine lines and gives a puckery look to my skin. Two Derm MDs and I still am at a loss and getting worse with age. I also need a basic skin care regimen. Currently using Aveeno Sensitive face wash and nothing else. Help!!

I recommend you try washing regularly with Stiefel Laboratories ZNP Bar. You don’t necessarily have to use it daily, but a few times a week or more if you are not sensitive to using the product. I suggest taking a vitamin B Complex daily as this calms skin sensitivity. I suggest you exfoliate regularly with Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and help clear your pores. To treat the redness associated with the rosacea I recommend you use Pevonia Botanica RS2 Concentrate. This product works great and could be used under a moisturizer such as Phytomer Accept Neutralizing Cream. To treat the hyperpigmentation I recommend you incorporate SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. Keep in mind too that many individuals will actually use tanning beds, as they have seen improvement in the seborrheic dermatitis when doing so, you just have to use it in moderation. As far as makeup you may want to try a liquid mineral makeup like Illuminare Extra Coverage Foundation Concealer SPF 21, however I suggest you call our customer service center for proper color matching as they work with clients and color matching daily and are extremely helpful. This regimen should be your basic regimen, and should help with the rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. Please contact me if you have further questions. Best skin car wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician