Rob Lowe Unveils His Skin Care Solution For Men

BY Sam Pick · June 14, 2016

There are only so many stereotypical gifts one man should receive in his lifetime, and chances are your man has seen them all. It’s true, men aren’t always the easiest to buy for, especially when it comes to Father’s Day. So we’ve taken a wise choice and made it a sure thing: Rob Lowe. No, not the man himself, but his line of grooming and skin care products, PROFILE, that’s now available on our virtual shelves. We were lucky enough to speak with Rob, and he gave us the inside word on the high-performance products that have been 6 years in the making.

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Some celebrities bring out colognes, others an apparel line; why was a skin care line for men something you wanted to create? 

I felt that it was a natural, organic fit for me. I have been asked countless times my secret to anti-aging and looking good through the years. It inspired me to share my knowledge and provide a solution for all men. PROFILE is the embodiment of years on movie sets with grooming professionals who have all imparted their wisdom, and I am thrilled to be able to pass it on. PROFILE products are formulated specifically for men’s skin, and my goal is to encourage men to take care of themselves both inside and out.

What do you think is missing in the skin care market for men that you hope PROFILE can provide?

I believe we already have it. PROFILE’s Revive Under Eye Rescue, which is one of my favorite products in the collection. It is a must-have product for men. Whether you’re getting off a plane or have a long day ahead, it helps remove the effects of aging and lack of sleep, battles environmental aggressors that cause aging and provides immediate moisture to guard against noticeable signs of premature aging.

If we were to ask, what would your closest family and friends say about how you take care of yourself? 

I believe in taking care of yourself inside and out. One of the great gifts is your ability to see the world, yourself and the things you need to work on. If you’re doing it right, living a true, authentic life is work that never ends. I’m blessed to be healthy. It’s all about living a life of balance, perspective and authenticity. I stay active and eat well. Using PROFILE daily and caring for my skin is important too.

What were you taught as a youngster when it came to grooming and skin care? 

I started in the entertainment industry as a teenager, so I was very fortunate to have industry professionals by my side, giving me advice and teaching me the importance of taking care of myself.

How long does your ideal skin care routine last? Could you walk us through it?

One of the fun things about being in the skin care business is now I get to use my own products. I use our Pro-Comfort shave gel. I shave in the shower with that, and then I use the shave serum after. Most of the line has the age-combating elements, which, at my age, are really important to have, particularly because men don’t realize that you start losing them at 20. So I just use this as I would hope that our first customers would use it. I then use the under-eye cream to help with the puffiness and anti-aging. And then the cleanser. The scent of the cleanser is why it’s one of my favorite products.

If I am in a rush, my regimen is fairly simple: I wash my face, splash some water and use the eye cream. I carry this product with me everywhere I go. If I don’t have enough time to do the full regimen, I just do this and I’m off.

What’s the one piece of anti-aging advice you would like to pass on to other men?

Don’t neglect your skin. Develop a routine and stick to it. Cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream are your friends.

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