How This Product Can Save Your Skin From Radiation Therapy

BY Beatrice Fogle · January 26, 2016

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Some of the best skin care products tend to be designed based on a loved one’s need. Radx R is one of them, formulated in 2002 based on a family member’s medical need during radiation therapy.

Let me start from the beginning. Before the product became Radx R it was called Burn Off, formulated in 1981 by Steve Finley for household burns, sunburn relief and marine stings. With ingredients like 2% lidocaine HCL for pain relief, bromelain and papain to reduce inflammation and aloe vera to help skin irritation, Burn Off quickly became a huge hit.

One day, Steve received a call from his brother who just so happened to be going through radiation treatments. Some of you are probably aware how radiation therapy can damage healthy skin cells and tissues, causing burns, blisters and sores around the treated area. In medical terms, this painful side effect is called radiation dermatitis or radiodermatitis, which was what Steve’s brother was experiencing at the time. The topical cream prescribed for him by his doctor was not doing anything to relieve the pain and was not keeping his skin from blistering, so Steve sent him a jar of Burn Off to see if it would help.

Aside from immediate pain relief, his brother’s skin showed great improvement within the first 24 hours. When his doctor, board-certified cancer specialist Shannon Cox from Austin Cancer Center, saw the results, he asked to see the product to make sure that the ingredients wouldn’t interfere with the radiation treatment. To his relief, Dr. Cox found nothing of that sort, and even requested that Steve send him more of the product for his other patients. It wasn’t long before oncology nurses and doctors started requesting the product as well.

Seeing rising demand in the market for this product, Steve began to focus on that need. Though the product originated as Burn Off, Steve decided it was time to repackage the product specifically for radiation therapy. In 2002 he launched Radx R, which is now being used in cancer centers like West Michigan Cancer Center and Tripler Army Medical Center. There has also been demand for this product in medical spas and salons all over the United States. Now, with the addition of sea buckthorn to reduce inflammation and beta glucan and hyaluronic acid to hydrate damaged skin, Radx R is used at such medical spas as Honolulu MedSpa, Healing Skin and Intermission Healthy Skincare for dermabrasions, blue light treatments and chemical peels. It has now become the go-to product for professional use—and one that no home should be without.

This is why my company BeaSquared represents this wonderful product. It makes a difference in the life of so many people.

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