Spring Is in the Hair: How to Refresh and Style Your Hair This Spring

BY Dermstore Editors · March 21, 2016

It’s the quintessential season of renewal, when the world comes back to life after winter’s wrath. Birds sing, flowers bloom and we all have a little more spring—literally—in our step. And that goes for our hair too. After months of wearing hats, hoods and scarves, not to mention enduring split ends, frizz and flyaways, a spring hair reboot is definitely in order. And since Renessence is all about hair renewal, we’ve chatted with celebrity hairstylist and Renessence spokesperson Jordan Blackmore on how to do just that. Whether it’s getting back to a proper hair regimen or trying out a refreshing new hue, Jordan shares his recommendations for the best springtime hair.


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DermStore: For those thinking about refreshing their hairstyle this spring, what would you recommend?
The cold, dry air of autumn and winter has likely resulted in dry, lackluster hair in need of a refresher, namely a trim or a cut. No matter your length, have your stylist snip split ends for instantly fresher, healthier-looking hair. Springtime can also be the inspiration for a lighter, breezier hairstyle, and there are a couple I really like this season: cool, ’70s-inspired bangs were all over spring ’16 runways and are an easy way to update, especially if you’re scissors-resistant; and a slightly wavy lob with a bit of layering that softens the ends is a great way to gradually go shorter.

DermStore: What about hair color?
As for color, spring days are brighter, so why shouldn’t your hair be? Highlights will give an instant lift, with auburn, caramel or golden shades adding oomph to blondes and brunettes alike without a dramatic color overhaul. Plus, you’ll see added depth and richness with plumped-up texture, resulting in denser, thicker-looking hair. An added bonus? Highlights illuminate your face, making skin look healthier and brighter. Just a word of advice though: leave coloring to the experts, as it’s next to impossible to achieve non-damaging, natural-looking results at home.

DermStore: We’ve always been curious about this: Is there a proper way to wash our hair?
Yes, the proper technique makes a world of difference when it comes to overall hair health and appearance. To make sure you’re doing it right, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Detangle
Brush your hair prior to showering to eliminate tangles and make cleansing easier. Then gently comb with a wide-toothed comb to lessen hair loss as you shower.

Step 2: Rinse
Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water prior to shampoo application. This opens the cuticle—very important for dirt, oil and product removal.

Step 3: Shampoo
Gently wash with a quarter-size amount of product, starting at the scalp and lathering from roots to ends using vertical strokes, never circular, which can tangle. Also, never scrub your hair. It will damage the cuticle, resulting in breakage and in some causes hair loss.

Step 4: Condition
Squeeze excess water from you hair after shampoo is rinsed out, and then apply conditioner from the middle section to the ends of your hair, leaving the roots alone because natural scalp oils reside there. Leave on until just before you finish showering—the longer it stays on, the more absorbent and beneficial to your hair. Rinse with cold water, which closes the cuticle and safely seals the hair shaft.

DermStore: Which hair care products would you recommend to keep our hair healthy this season?
Renessence Follicle Forever Strengthening Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that strengthens and anchors the hair for less thinning and shedding, while deep-conditioning Follicle Forever Thickening Conditioner rejuvenates and preps the hair follicles for renewal and regrowth.


About Jordan Blackmore:
Jordan Blackmore’s introduction to hair started with legendary stylist Oribe in Miami Beach. After several years under Oribe’s tutelage, he left the beach for the big city and opened Three Squares Studio in Manhattan, a destination frequented by celebrities, socialites and business executives who want to stay on top of the latest hairstyles and fashion trends. Blackmore holds the issues of hair health and hair loss extremely close because his personal history with them has played a significant role in his styling approach. He has educated stylists globally on these topics, and his partnership with the creator of Renessence provides the market with a hair renewal product he truly believes in. A frequent contributor to GQ, Details, Glamour, NYLON and Town & Country, Blackmore’s roster of celebrity clients includes Marc Jacobs, Jeff Gordon, Brian Atwood, Elizabeth Olsen and André Balazs.

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