The 5 Hottest Hairstyle, Cut and Color Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

BY Julien Farel · January 4, 2016

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Need a change in your hair-color routine for 2016? Keep these major hairstyle and color trends in mind before your next salon visit.

1. ’70s hairstyle is making a comeback.
A huge trend in hairstyles for 2016 is inspired by the 1970s. We have seen a lot of ’70s-themed styles on the runways, and now they are transitioning to street style and everyday wear. For medium-length hair, the modern version of the shag seen in the ’70s will be big. It is great textured and wavy or smooth and sleek. It gives a very undone, sexy style.

 2. Short haircuts are in.
Short hair will still be making waves in 2016. Whether it’s the textured pixie or the bob, women are taking more risks when it comes to cutting their hair.

The bob and lob will be grazing the shoulders of women everywhere. This look goes great with or without bangs. And it looks different according to how you style it. The straight style is more dramatic and great for a corporate setting. If you give it texture with a slight wave or curls, it looks effortlessly beautiful and is great for the weekend.

If you’re not ready to chop off your long hair, the layered style is always a classic. This vixen look can be worn loose and wavy or pin straight.

3. When it comes to hair color, go for simple and low-maintenance.
The secret for 2016 hair colors is to go light, cool and multifaceted. The upcoming hair colors emphasize simplicity and minimal maintenance. The hair-color trends are going more toward natural colors with slightly different tones to create more depth.

4. “Babylights” is the new highlights.
A new technique that many of our colorists are using is called babylights, which is a finer, more delicate highlighting technique. If you want to make your highlights subtler, it will blend a more pronounced highlight from the past into the existing hair regrowth for a more natural look. It’s also a good starting point for many clients who want to try out highlights but want something very subtle. All of these color techniques can be used on all hair colors from blonde to black.

5. Ombré, Sombré and Balayage will continue to be big.
Ombré, sombré (subtle ombré) and balayage will continue to take over the hair-color industry, since many women don’t want to be bothered with the constant upkeep of their hair color and highlights.

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