5 Wedding Purse Essentials

BY Lauren Salerno · September 1, 2015

I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been getting ready for—hours of tediously perfecting my hair and makeup, finding the perfect stylish yet comfortable shoes to match my outfit—only to realize as I’m walking out the door that my clutch is bursting open because I’ve packed as many beauty products into it as possible.

Inspired by an upcoming wedding, I thought I would kick this habit and figure out a new method. After hours of internally debating which items would make the cut, I’ve settled on these 5 essentials.  Watch the video to see which ones made my cut.



1. Blotting Papers

DHC Blotting Paper

Why I Love It: It’s a no-brainer. Regardless of your skin type, after cutting the rug for more than 30 minutes you’ll most likely be in need of a touch-up. These facial papers from DHC are made from oil-absorbing hemp fibers that not only immediately soak up shine, but also remove dirt and grime. Plus, the packaging is adorable!

2. Hand Cream

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Why I Love It: People say it’s all in a handshake. I say it’s all in the handshake and the softness of your skin. You meet dozens of new people at weddings, so you should put your best self forward. The 20% shea butter formula from L’Occitane moisturizes like nothing else I’ve ever used—and without leaving a greasy residue. Keep your shake strong and your skin soft.

3. Mouthwash

Supersmile Powdered Mouthrinse

Why I Love It: Weddings are about great food, great drinks and great conversation—so why not do it all? Just keep this little packet of powdered, water-activated mouth rinse handy for after you’ve indulged. All you have to do is tear off the top, fill with water up to the line, swish around in your mouth and rinse. Freshen your breath in an instant!

4. Roll-On Perfume

Apothia Los Angeles IF Roll-On Perfume Oil

Why I Love It: I’m very sensitive to scents, and this is one of the few perfumes that doesn’t give me a headache. I’m also very forgetful, so I usually end up leaving the house without even putting it on. Fortunately, this one is wrapped in a sleek, silicone case, making it durable enough to withstand a day in the life of one of my purses. I like to add this fresh-scented oil to my wrists and behind the ears. And the roller applicator makes it perfect for on the go.

5. Lip and Cheek Stain

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

Why I Love It: For any 100% natural makeup, this is my go-to brand. This lip and cheek stain is coconut-based, so it’s nourishing and hydrating, but delivers gorgeous, glossy color. It easily glides onto lips and blends into cheeks to give you a healthy, blushed complexion. It comes in six shades.

Lauren Salerno

Lauren is a content creator, beauty and fashion fanatic and DermStore’s video producer. After interning at WWD Beauty Biz when she was at New York University, Lauren knew she wanted to be in the beauty world—and she hasn’t looked back ... Read More >

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