5 Herbal Oils That Will Change the Way You Bathe

BY Whitney Campbell · April 25, 2016

Editor’s Note: With all the talk about holistic beauty, it’s time we also think about the therapeutic benefits of bathing. And what better way to do so than with the help of pure, nourishing, and skin-enhancing essential oils? Here, Kneipp’s aromatherapy expert Whitney Campbell shares how to add more purpose to your bathing ritual other than as a way to cleanse your skin from head to toe. Founded in 1891 by Father Sebastian Kneipp, Kneipp is a body care line that focuses on time-honored natural remedies for your body’s overall well-being. It features nourishing essential oils and mineral-rich brine salt to detoxify and revitalize your skin, while botanical oils, butters and extracts hydrate and condition.

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There is nothing quite like the excitement of the seasonal transition from winter to spring. The warm, fresh spring air gives us a sense of renewal and energy and helps us shake off the winter blues. Spring can also bring with it some not-so-welcome problems, such as dreaded allergies, itchy mosquito bites, sore muscles and a much busier lifestyle.

Taking a daily soak in the comfort of your bathtub with natural essential oils is the perfect way to maintain and improve your wellness throughout the season. Taking a bath, especially at bedtime, helps to relax tired, sore muscles and calm the mind. It prepares the body and mind for sleep by relieving tension and stress and making a clear break between your active day and restful night. Give your bath a purpose: Make it healthful by adding specific herbs that will enhance your bathing experience for a desired therapeutic result.

1. If you struggle with seasonal allergies, breathe easier with eucalyptus essential oil.

The trees and flowers are blooming—spring is upon us! For many, this also brings about the pesky seasonal allergy symptoms of itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion. Of course, you can soothe your symptoms with traditional over-the-counter allergy medications, saline spray or even by eating local honey, but why not take a more holistic route and enjoy a relaxing bath combined with eucalyptus essential oil? The strong aroma of eucalyptus opens the airways and nasal passages and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. No time for a bath? Plug your tub while you shower, add a few drops of eucalyptus and breathe in the sinus-clearing steam.

2. For the fitness minded: Soothe sore, overused muscles with juniper essential oil

Get active! Spring is a great time to start a new exercise routine and set goals for a healthier you. After all, bathing-suit season is right around the corner. A warm bath in the essential oil from the juniper berry is incredibly soothing and cooling for people that exercise often, athletes or even frequent travelers to help increase circulation. It is incredibly detoxifying for the body and soothes inflammation from overused muscles. So go ahead, set your fitness goals high, but have some juniper essential oil on hand for recovery!


3. To bring your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium, try lavender.

It never fails: The longer hours of daylight can eventually leave us with a run-down feeling. We seem to think that more daylight means more time to knock everything off our to-do lists, resulting in the need for some “me time” to balance that hectic lifestyle. We are all familiar with the relaxing scent of lavender, but it is actually quite beneficial for our bodies and minds. Taking a warm bath with lavender oil reduces anxiety, calms the nerves and helps to keep you grounded when you have too much going on. An added benefit: Soaking in lavender essential oil can calm itchiness from insect bites!


4. Get relief from your daily aches, pains and stiffness with arnica.

Warmer temperatures and longer days mean more time outside! We spend more time outdoors gardening, hiking or tackling weekend home-improvement projects, which end up taking a toll on our bodies. Stock up on the ultimate medicine-cabinet must-have—arnica! Your go-to, healthy remedy for anything aching, stiff, bruised or swollen. Soaking your whole body in arnica is incredibly beneficial and soothing on those painful joints and muscles, helping you bounce back faster.


5. Up your daily dose of mood-boosting sunshine with lemon oil.

Throughout the winter months, vitamin D-producing sunlight can be hard to come by, and we know warm temperatures and plenty of exposure to sun has the greatest positive effect on mood. Now that spring has sprung, you probably have some extra pep in your step, but not all of us have the time to spend outdoors with our ever-increasing busy lifestyles. Try supplementing with mood-boosting lemon essential oil. Adding lemon essential oil to your weekly bath helps to raise your spirit and brighten your mood and outlook when you feel like you need an extra pick-me-up.



Whitney Campbell

Whitney Campbell is the Marketing Manager for BeautyProphet, LLC, the USA distributor of Kneipp, a leader in herbal bath and body wellness products. A New York native, who recently relocated to the warmer state of Texas, she has a passion for nature,... Read More >

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