How to Find the Best Natural Remedy for Headaches

BY Casey Mills · September 27, 2017

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The headache—one of the most familiar ailments of contemporary life. As common as the cold and stronger than the everyday stomachache, head pain can range anywhere from the bothersome to the burdensome. The causes of headaches run the gamut: stress, dehydration, major chemical changes in the body and beyond. The multitude of causes has, of course, led to an equal number of solutions. We are all familiar with over-the-counter concoctions and the commonplace headache fixes, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are a number of naturalistic approaches to fixing your head pain.

“First, you have to listen to the body,” says Natural Healing Practitioner, Shari Geitzenauer. “If the body is talking, then perhaps the person may be out of alignment.” While the Western medicine approach to eradicating headaches can be filled with complex chemicals, Geitzenauer’s approach to energy healing brings the body back to the basics by letting it be: “Listen, breath, love.”

There are a number of products that lean into the more simplistic side of the relief spectrum, allowing your body to do what it does best: to simply be. The following list of products will allow your body to do just that, which can be the best ‘medicine’ around.

*Note: An occasional, mild headache is easily treatable. However, more severe and frequent headaches or those accompanied by symptoms like nausea or dizziness deserve a visit to your doctor.

1. Apply Essential Oils to Your Temples

The name maps the terrain: headaches live in your head, therefore nurturing your noggin is the perfect plan of attack. Taking pills and potions that travel to your stomach just to release medicine to your brain is essentially taking the long way around. Instead, applying soothing, rehydrating and aroma-rich essential oils directly to your temples and neck satisfies the source pain. Key ingredients such as peppermint and rosewood invigorate and rebalance your body and mind before, during and after a headache. The inclusion of jojoba rehydrates your dry skin and helps fight water loss—one of the most common causes of a headache.

Try: 21 Drops Headache Essential Oil Blend

2. Inhale a Healthy Dose of Calming Oil

One of the most direct lines to the brain is through your nostrils. Thus, when there’s a pulsating pain in your head, aromatherapy is an effective, natural way to cure any up-top aches. Peppermint, lavender and sunflower seed oil can put your mood on the upswing, restoring your body after a day filled with stress—another one of the more common culprits of head pain. First, rub a few drops of the revitalizing drops into your palms and slowly inhale. Then, release any tension your head and body may be holding as you deeply exhale. “When the body has an ailment or pain, it usually reveals a blockage,” says Geitzenauer. “Aromatherapy can start to move out the toxins.”

Try: Kerstin Florian Aromatherapy Calm Mind

3. Swallow a Spritz of Vitamin Mist

It’s no secret that a bit too much from the bottle will leave your head aching—the dreaded hangover headache. Alcohol causes both dehydration and chemical imbalances in your body which leaves your head pounding after a night of partying. This harmonizing H2O spray rejuvenates your body using water molecules that cater specifically to your body’s balance needs, maintaining cell functions and quelling any post-drink pain. For the most effective usage, take five pumps before you drink alcohol, before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up in the morning. This reinvigorating routine will level out the chemicals in your body and assure to assuage the infamous hangover headache.

Try: Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Harmonized H2O – Hangover

4. Rehydrate, Rehydrate, Rehydrate

Water is in need of no introduction or clever marketing points. In a list of natural remedies for daily aches and pains, water will always reign supreme as the most powerful and most natural of the bunch. This BPA-free, no-leak seal (so much for no marketing) glass bottle in sleek silicone sleeve packs a punch at a whopping 32 ounces. Perfect for your desk at work or next to you at yoga, this bottle will fight dehydration and keep head pain at bay.

Try: bkr Glass Bottle and Silicone Sleeve

5. Take a Calming Bath

More on water—the heavyweight in headache help. This all-natural treatment combines two remedies from the above list: water and aromatherapy. This deep-sleep bath soak relaxes your body so that you get a perfect night’s sleep. This soak combines essential oils such as lavender and chamomile to help you stay relaxed and fall asleep faster. For optimum comfort, pour a spoonful of salts in your hot bath water and enjoy as your skin gets a hydrating treatment and your head is privy to a calm and collecting wave of aromatherapy.

Try: This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

6. Slip on a Silky Smooth Sleep Mask

After your soothing bath soak, as you settle in for a good night’s rest, assure away any head pain with this silk sleep mask. The gentle material of the mask reduces any potential tug on your delicate skin and alleviates pressure from your eye area, which will help stave off any potential headaches. Whatever the cause of your headaches, be it dehydration, stress or other factors, giving your body a hard reset can be just what you need to bounce back, and there is no better major reset than a deep sleep.

Try: Pure Silk Sleep Mask

7. Revitalize with Vitamin C

One of the most beneficial vitamins for one’s beauty and health is vitamin C. So if you’re feeling a pulsating pain in your head, vitamin C will help balance your body and bring your brain back to peace. This energy-boosting capsule (which is vegetarian-friendly!) provides consistent energy throughout the day and fights off any sign of midday fatigue—all without any of the jittery feelings that accompany chemically bound energy boosts. This daily pick-me-up also helps maintains a calm body in the face of stress, making your everyday headaches a distant memory.

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