I Put Caption’s “Gel-Like” Nail Polish to the Test and Here’s What Happened

BY Lauren Salerno · February 3, 2016

Anything synonymous with “gel manicure” sans the wreaking havoc on your nails and tedious removal process is going to get my attention. So I was even more intrigued when I read that Caption nail polish was “tough as gel” and that “nails stay chip-free for up to 3x longer.” It doesn’t hurt that they have a gorgeous selection of 67 shades that are free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene. But back to the point of the story: I decided to spend a week wearing a drugstore-brand nail polish on my right hand and Caption nail polish on my left hand. Watch the video below to see the results!


I wasn’t surprised that Caption beat out the drugstore brand, but I was surprised at how quickly the drugstore brand started to fade. I kept a short diary of the results, but please note that I was moving apartments all last weekend, so I was particularly tough on my hands (think packing tape, heavy boxes and cleaning supplies—you get the picture).

Day 1:

Caption: Ridiculously easy to apply, thanks to the extra-wide brush. Looks much better when you apply in thin layers.
Drugstore: Went on easy, but had a hard time getting even layers compared to Caption.

Day 2:

Caption: Still look perfect, but noticed some fading around the tip of my thumb.
Drugstore: Noticed fading around the tips of all my nails.

Day 3:

Caption: Still in good shape.
Drugstore: Middle and pointer fingertips are fading faster.

Day 4:

Caption: Slight fading at the edge of all my fingertips, but not noticeable.
Drugstore: Nail polish on all my fingertips is disappearing!

Day 5:

Caption: Thumb and pinky tips are wearing out, but not noticeable.
Drugstore: Nails are starting to look pretty bad.

Day 6:

Caption: Polish on the tips are fading for all nails.
Drugstore: Ugh, I really want to remove this nail polish!

Day 7:

Caption: A chip on the pinky nail and thumb, but overall they still look great!
Drugstore: I can’t take it anymore. This experiment is done!

Discover Caption

Base Coat

Caption Base Coat

Why It’s Great: This first-step base coat strengthens nails while holding polish to them for chip-free wear. Plus, it evens out and fills in ridges for a smooth surface. Wear the clear shade alone on your nails to help fortify and add shine.

Nail Polish

Caption Nail Polish – Um, Yes…Thank You!

Why It’s Great: This metallic pink shade is the perfect match for Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016. This nail polish is not only pretty, it’s also hard-core tough. It’s the first to utilize LacQ3 Technology into their formula, which is essentially a combination of dual polymer technology with volcanic glass, shellac and plant-derived plasticizers. In laymen’s terms, this nail polish can wear up to 9 days without chipping. When you’re ready to remove, it comes off in seconds without any soaking. Make sure you check out all 67 shades!

Top Coat

Caption Glossy Top Coat

Why It’s Great: It boosts shine and locks in your polish with a gel-like finish to prevent your manicure from chipping, splitting and breaking. It won’t cause any yellowing and keeps your color from fading.

Lauren Salerno

Lauren is a content creator, beauty and fashion fanatic and DermStore’s video producer. After interning at WWD Beauty Biz when she was at New York University, Lauren knew she wanted to be in the beauty world—and she hasn’t looked back ... Read More >

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