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BY Dermstore Editors · April 14, 2017

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These days, beauty and skin care aisles are seeing an influx of products brandishing “organic” and “natural” labels. However, only a handful of these brands truly live up to that promise and even fewer are the ones who create products born out of sincere dedication. Tammy Fender is one of those few. Her passion for holistic living took shape more than two decades ago, when she made a personal commitment to invest in the health and happiness of people, sharing with them her quest for harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit. The result is a holistic skin care line that promises true healing and beauty that radiates from within. Here, Tammy talks about her amazing journey and her passion for all things pure and botanical.

Dermstore: You’ve built a successful beauty company with an amazing line of natural products. How did it all start? 

Tammy Fender: For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a connection to the plant kingdom, as well as to natural remedies. I’ve always felt a calling to care for others and their happiness, even as a child. When I became an aesthetician, over 25 years ago, I knew I wanted to use pure, all-natural products on my clients in Palm Beach, many of whom were looking for pre- or post-operative care products. However, I couldn’t find anything on the market that I could believe in. After conducting extensive research on plant science, traditional healing, holistic medicine and medicinal chemistry, I made the leap. I began mixing up my own custom-blended formulas in my kitchen, using the most potent and pure botanical ingredients available. Thanks to the success of those early formulas, the word spread!

What was lacking in the industry that you wanted to fill with Tammy Fender?

When I began, you could find a small selection of all-natural skin care products at your local health food store, but there was nothing elegant or refined about them. On the other hand, there was also a variety of luxury products available elsewhere, but these ignored even the most basic tenets of holistic care. For me, luxury is purity. I was so drawn to the Pure Living Energy of the botanical extracts used in traditional healing and I put my heart and soul into tracking and sourcing the most exquisite botanical ingredients to use in my formula blends—those that preserved the molecular integrity and unadulterated beauty of nature’s most potent healers.

What challenges did you encounter when you were creating the line? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has been educating customers about why botanical is better, though I’m thrilled to say that this happens almost immediately when people experience our formulations. At the same time, “organic” and “all-natural” have become beauty industry buzzwords. I think it’s been confusing for some who see those phrases emblazoned here and there to understand what those words truly mean. However, when customers understand the reality that what we put onto skin really matters, things change. Since the beginning I’ve emphasized that what we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies. Helping people to make that connection makes a difference.

Can you share with us your best skin care tips?

My best skin care tip is to bring peace into your life in any way you can. For some people that might mean more exercise, trying meditation or making significant changes in the daily routine, including carving out time for more rest. On the holistic level, every little bit matters. When stress hormones are low, that sense of ease so beautifully shines through healthy skin.

Experience holistic healing and skin care with some of our favorite Tammy Fender products, below! 

1. Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm

This moisturizing treatment has been described as “incredibly moisturizing” and “magic in a jar” by some customers—and with good reason. Its formula blends chamomile, shea butter and botanical extracts, making it a potent yet gentle solution against acne, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.

2. Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum

Combining a rich blend of essential oils like evening primrose and chamomile, this highly concentrated cell-renewing serum gently heals damaged skin, stimulates circulation and calms inflammations. Apply around the eyes to relieve the appearance of tiredness and puffiness.

3. Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water

Featuring Bulgarian rose essential oil, this toner hydrates and rejuvenates, revealing a supple and healthy complexion. It also repairs and strengthens damaged tissue and restores balance to your skin.

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