5 Gorgeous Gifts for the Makeup Junkie This Christmas and New Year

BY Gina Mom · December 1, 2016

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Makeup is something no one can ever have enough of. That’s why Christmas is probably the best time to give the gift of makeup because there’s so many great deals and some are even limited edition steals. However, gifting makeup does require you to consider a few things beforehand, such as whether that shade of lipstick is going to go well with your friend’s skin tone? Or, if they’re truly a makeup addict, will this be something that they don’t already have? Lucky for you, Dermstore’s makeup  selection features a wide array of highly sought-after products that are uniquely outstanding, and not your typical basic beauty finds.

Here are 5 things to gift your makeup junkie this Christmas or New Year that you probably won’t find elsewhere (especially in terms of a good deal!)

1. Beautyblender’s Pro on the go Black Tie

Any true makeup queen knows not to turn down a new beautyblender, nonetheless three new beautyblenders. This five-piece kit features the original beautyblender in iconic hot pink and the pro version in stylish black with a matching micro mini blender for those tight to reach corners (or for concealers, highlighters or contouring). What this set also comes with is the blotterazzi pro –a new way to dab away excess oil sans blotting paper that you have to continually toss out. The kit is also the debut of the mini blendercleanserpro –a cleanser in matching pro black for not just all your sponges here but for makeup brushes, too. This is a $62.00 value at a price of just $40 –which would be the price of just two beautyblenders in itself so consider the other three items in here a huge bang for your buck!

2. Jane Iredale Champagne on Ice Lip Gloss Kit

Mineral makeup-based brand Jane Iredale released a really festive holiday three-piece of her most flattering shades of lip gloss, packaged in a beautiful bag of shimmery stones. But the shimmer doesn’t stop there. Colors comes in sheer gold, fuschia red, and a clear topper –all promised to be filled with shimmer like the bag itself! What can be expected from the formula? Ingredients made of organic oils and extracts that are aimed at hydrating lips with helpful antioxidants to protect it as well. This is not your usual lip gloss trio.

3. Laura Geller Glam On The Go Pallette

This is the brand created by a real-life makeup artist (#MUA for short on social media). So if you’re also a budding MUA or just do your makeup like one, you’ll truly appreciate this palette by Laura Geller. This 6-piece set serves up serious holiday glow in a neatly compact, travel-friendly (or stocking stuffer sized) kit at just $35 –even though it’s value at $104! Don’t let the small size fool you –you’ll still be able to get a full face of glam with this holiday palette as it comes with the Baked Highlighter in Golden Rose, a Baked Eyeshadow in three festive colors, lip gloss in Cookie Dough, and one of the most beloved Laura Geller blush colors in Honeysuckle.

4. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Collection

If green and red doesn’t spell out the perfect Christmas gift enough for you, we don’t know what would. This adorable “storybook” set features the holiday magical elements your makeup loving friend, loved one, or self will appreciate. First up is the famous Frog Prince lipstick in emerald green that adapts to your lip’s pH transforming into a stunning rosebud pink. It also conditions your lips with vitamin E and essential oils. Next up is the Frog Prince Cream Blush that will also be color-changing with a gel-cream, buildable formula. Lastly, complement the look with Frog Prince Lip Gloss to deliver the same custom color-changing transformation but with a high-shine finish.

5. ByTerry Baume de Rose

We know, we know. This is expensive for a lip balm. But the Baume de Rose isn’t just any lip balm. It is the world’s most sought after $60 lip balm! That’s right, if Harry Josh’s Pro Dryer 2000 is the Ferrari of blow dryers, this is the Bentley of lip balms. It is packed with shea butter, ceramides, vitamin E and anti-aging ingredients that has made celebrities fall head over heels in love with it. It also has a beautiful rosy scent to it which makes it memorable and oh so covetable.

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