6 Holiday Beauty Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

BY Gina Mom · November 18, 2016

Dermstore Gift Guide Beauty Under $60 Budget

Sometimes buying great holiday gifts can break the bank—but not when it comes to beauty products. The gift of a good beauty item doesn’t have to mean it’s the most lavish, but it does mean a lot of thought, research and personalization did go into the selection of it. Luckily, many retailers during the holidays are offering great deals on kitted giftsets –making the products even more of a steal and packaged in the most festive ways! And Dermstore—where shipping is always fast and free –delivers a pretty competitive lineup on exclusive kits as well.

Here are top gift picks for items under $60.

1.  DHC Beauty Bento ($16)

DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil is a cult classic cleanser and proves to be one of Dermstore’s most popular products all-around. Now you can gift (or trial yourself) the Japanese brand’s other just-as-effective beauty products such as a Mild Soap bar, the Revitalizing Moisture Strips Eyes and the Blotting Paper. The holiday “bento box” is also adorably packaged with compartments that will surely make it friendly for repurposing usage (the gift that keeps giving!)

2.  Peter Thomas Roth Facial On The Go Kit ($22)

You get an amazing value out of this four-piece skincare kit that would be perfect for travelers or just someone who needs a good introduction to this simple yet straightforward clinical skincare line. The kit, which can swing as both great gifts for men and women given how practical and clean the packaging is, features an Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, a Cucumber De-Tox Bouncy Hydrating Gel, a FIRMx Peeling Gel and a Cucumber Gel Mask. As we said, this is a great introductory kit for an up-and-coming clinically cool skincare line.

3.  Lancer Skincare Polish Stocking Stuffer ($19)

Lancer is a big name amongst celebrity dermatologists and now with this stocking stuffer priced just under $20, you can be introduced to step one of his famous 3-step Lancer Method (polish, cleanse and nourish). Dermstore’s been fortunate enough to visit Dr. Lancer’s office earlier this year and we must say, we were blown away by his passion and knowledge for great skin.

4.  TOCCA Crema de Mano Collezioni 2016 ($32)

We all appreciate a good, moisturizing hand cream. But not all effective hand creams can also deliver a pleasant fragrance –and with a price tag this good. Crema de Mano Collezioni featrues TOCCA’s five-piece top-selling fragrances such as Cleopatra (grapefruit), Stella (Italian blood orange), Florence (bergamot and gardenia), Bianca (lemon and green tea), and Giulietta (pink tulip and green apple). If you’re looking for how to gift five of your equally close friends something amazing, this set could do the job!

5.  First Aid Beauty Peace Joy FAB Kit ($54)

Peace, joy, and great skin is the gift that this completed skincare holiday set from First Aid Beauty delivers. This comes with five of FABs top-selling skincare solutions. FAB Face Cleanser and Facial Radiance Pads are gentle yet powerful in cleaning off oil, dirt and makeup from skin, while the Ultra Repair Cream aims at solving dry skin issues such as eczema. The Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream is a perfect nighttime cream, that also works as an anti-aging item. Added as well is the FAB Vitamin Hydrating Mist because who doesn’t appreciate a mist filled with brightening vitamins?

6.  Harry Josh Pro Tools Premium Starter Kit ($59)

Do: tell your friend that you got them the gift that’s been listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Don’t: reveal how much of a deal you got it for. The Premium Oval Brush is regularly priced at $50 but for just a few bucks more, you can own three Pro-Styling Clips and a Carbon Tail Comb all packaged neatly and branded with the name of Gisele’s BFF hair-stylist, Harry Josh.

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