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BY Dermstore Editors · December 14, 2015

In the beauty world, our version of essential luxuries comes in small, unexpected packages, whether it’s a one-in-a-million cream that feels like butter on our skin, a hair serum that almost always guarantees a perfect hair day or a foundation that seamlessly matches our skin tone. In this series, we asked celebrities, industry experts and thought leaders—men and women known for their expertise in their chosen fields and impeccable taste—what beauty gifts they’d like to give or receive. Discover how they spoil their closest friends and family (and themselves) when the holiday season rolls in.

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Judy Greer has had a rather prolific film and television career with over 80 roles to date. You may remember her from big-studio blockbusters like Jurassic World and Ant Man and small-screen favorites like Two and a Half Men and  Modern Family. Within the last two years, this flawless-skinned Hollywood actress has kept herself quite busy, adding a couple more achievements under her belt: nailing her first theater acting stint and authoring her first book, I Don’t Know Where You Know Me From. With so much going on, we wondered how she kept her cool during the holidays, because let’s face it: it can be as stressful as it is cheerful.

“Holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year,” says Judy. “But the stress always gets to me mid-December and I feel like giving up on myself. Not this year! I am pledging to keep my wits about me, spend the extra 10 minutes on a hair mask, make sure to keep a blush and concealer in my bag for pre-party touch-ups and, most important, wash my face every night, no matter how many glasses of champagne I’ve had and how tired I am when my Uber drops me off.”

Want to know how she intends to keep up with the holiday stress? Here’s a list she curated for us.

Judy Greer’s Beauty Picks

1. Her Fresh-Face Staple: Avène Micellar Lotion

“This stuff is great and smells like a dream! Sage Maitri, my makeup artist, used this on me the first time she ever did my makeup, and I bought it online in the car on my way to the event (I wasn’t driving, don’t worry)! I love the scent, and it is the perfect way to prep your skin for makeup. I don’t wash my face in the morning, but I like to do a sweep over it to freshen it up after sleeping all night. And it’s a French product line that actual French gals use: Need I say more?”

2. Her All-Purpose Daytime Moisturizer: EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

“I’ve been using EltaMD ever since my dermatologist, Christie Kidd, told me to use this as my daytime moisturizer and nothing else. She likes her patients to keep it simple, and this does. I had never tried the tinted version though, and I will be using this from now on. Especially since the SPF works so well, my skin is very pale, and the tint doesn’t color my face as much as just warms it up, which is what I was hoping for. This whole line is great!”

3. Her Two Makeup Must-Haves: RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up and Lip2Cheek

“This whole line is amazing. I first read about it on (the Un Cover-Up). I ordered it immediately, like I like to do. I have been using it ever since. Luckily, I don’t need to use foundation every day, and this is all I need under my eyes, around my nose and a bit here and there if there’s a situation popping up (zit). The whole line is organic, and they do not test on animals (yay!) I am trying the Lip2Cheek for the first time, and I am happy to report that I will be tossing all my other blushes and only using these from now on. I am using Curious and Smile. The pigment is amazing, and it lasts and lasts! And they can me mixed together to make different colors for your lips—you can play makeup artist! PS: The packaging is minimal, biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.”

4. Her Frizzy Hair Savior: Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

“This is a line my hair stylist, Gregory Russell, told me about a few years ago. I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner off and on for a while (I like to switch it up), but I had never tried one of their masks and was excited to! I was most excited about the part where it says ‘relaxes,’ because my hair is frizzy! My hair was so soft after. With the colder weather and all the heat, my hair gets really staticky, and this helped with that a lot. And lastly, it’s made from organic ingredients and is 100 percent natural—my favorite part.”

5. Her Of-the-Moment Eye Enhancer: Alchimie Forever Rejuvenating Eye Balm

“I wanted to try this because my husband uses this brand’s gel moisturizer, and his face smells so good when he remembers to wear it that I want him to wear it all over his body! A French employee at Larchmont Beauty Supply recommended it, and they know their stuff over there. I love this eye balm because I can feel it tightening, and it’s very light and my makeup doesn’t ball up over it. You know how that happens sometimes? Side note: This line is vegan and cruelty-free!”

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