Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Beauty-Inspired Gifts for Mom

BY Lindsay Tigar · April 28, 2017

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Regardless of what stage of life we happen to be in, our moms have always been there, helping us get through the nitty-gritty of all major life decisions and celebrating every small victory we’ve achieved. For this, we are forever thankful. Though we always try to remind her how lucky we are to have her on the reg, there’s one special day that comes around every year that celebrates the beautiful (and tough) gift of being a mother. Whether it’s for your mom, grandma, sister, bestie or any mom that you know, if you’re considering a beauty-inspired gift for these awesome ladies in your life, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas to get you started.

1. For the Jetsetter: June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque: On-The-Go Masque Rituals

While some mothers mourn their empty nest once all their children fly to new heights, your mom is kind of the opposite. Once you were all out of the house, she packed up and started booking  trips, capitalizing on all those rewards points she earned from paying for your college. Since she’s always 10,000 feet above the land, give her this travel-friendly masque to keep her skin looking healthy, hydrated and beautiful.

Price: $18

2. For the Nature Lover: Library of Flowers Field & Flowers Eau de Parfum

She always told you that one day you’d have a green thumb, and now that you’ve officially adopted a succulent (that’s alive!), pay it forward to the woman who inspired your love for nature. This light perfume will give her a spritz of special and remind her of those lush gardens she created in your backyard.

Price: $48

3. For New and Expecting Moms: Noodle and Boo Mama Gift Set

If this year you have a new mom to shop for, maybe your sister or your bestie, consider giving her something in addition to diapers, like this gift set made specifically for new or expecting moms. While the oil helps prevent stretch marks as much as possible (only your DNA can truly keep them at bay) and the perfecting cream helps to moisturize dry skin, the real treat is the rich smell of avocado oil and cocoa butter. Any new mom will appreciate smelling clean and fresh… at least until the next nappy change.

Price: $44

4. For the Avid DIY-er:  Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit

Some moms enjoy being pampered in a spa, while others would rather enjoy the same procedure while watching her favorite cooking show or savoring a freshly cooked meal she whipped up herself. For moms who would rather do things herself, get her this at-home facial kit. Designed to create the same skin-illuminating results as the original, celebrity-favorite in-office procedure, this facial kit will surely make her skin glow in just three easy steps.

Price: $105

5. For the Skin Care Savvy: Obagi 2017 Spring Gift Set ELASTIderm + Hydrate

You read your skin care products’ labels as you would the back of your kids’ cereal boxes. You see your dermatologist regularly, and you never fail to get a trim every few months to keep your hair in tip-top condition. If you got this beauty know-how from your mom, she’ll probably like this kit from Obagi. It comes with two of the brand’s top-selling items, plus a chic purse for all her beauty essentials!

Price: $130.00 ($160.00 Value)


6. For the Girl Boss: DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device - Light Pink

For the mom who could use a little me-time but can’t seem to find an open slot in her calendar, consider DERMAFLASH, the only at-home device on the market that both exfoliates your skin and removes peach fuzz. Inspired by an in-office exfoliating procedure called dermaplaning, DERMAFLASH gently removes the outermost layer, creating a flawless canvas for makeup and allowing your skin care products to work more effectively.

Price: $189

7. For the Mom Who Appreciates the Finer Things in Life: Harry Josh Hair Dryer

She can spot fake diamonds from a mile out. She’s tried all the Michelin-starred restaurants in your area. She’s also not one to head out the door without a spritz of her favorite designer perfume. For the mom who appreciates luxurious things, she’ll definitely want only the best hair tool to touch her hair. This dryer has won Allure’s Best in Beauty three years in a row and for good reason: it’s lightweight, powerful and cuts drying time in half. And did we mention that it also looks absolutely stunning?

Price: $249

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