Not Your Mother’s Body Lotion: 5 Unconventional Ways to Moisturize Your Body

BY Bianca Mendez · July 10, 2017

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Ahh summer. That time of the year when we’re slabbing on sunscreen, stripping away layers of clothes and enjoying the carefree motto that is rosé all day. For most of us, warmer temperatures mean swapping heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer, or maybe even foregoing makeup altogether. It could also mean eyeing the market for lighter skin care products. But if you have dry skin all year round, summer may not be the most exciting time for you. I mean, who really wants to pour goopy, thick lotion on their bodies in 90-degree weather? Which is why you might want to ditch your standard body lotion for one of these lighter alternatives.

If you’re in the market for a new body moisturizer, these lighter formulas offer major hydration like your standard lotion—not to mention added benefits, including boosting collagen, fighting free radicals and upping your defense against the sun. Not too shabby, huh?

1. Body Serum: One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum

This lightweight body serum not only moisturizes your skin, but it also contains Antileukine 6, a priced ingredient extracted from seaweeds and believed to have the ability to firm and smooth your skin. It also features pumpkin skin oil and sea buckthorn oil to exfoliate and refine the skin.  

2. Sunscreen Oil: Supergoop's SPF 50 Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil with Meadowfoam

Supergroup’s Sunscreen Oil not only works as a skin moisturizer but also doubles as sunscreen, cutting your getting-ready time in half. This formula contains argan oil and vitamin E which help moisturize the skin, while meadowfoam seed oil helps the skin reinforce its natural lipid barrier, keeping moisture intact. Plus, this oil has a refreshing citrus scent so you won’t smell like sunscreen when you’re not at the beach.

3. Exfoliating Cream: DERMAdoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Formulated AHA Moisturizing Therapy for Dry Skin

Aside from hydrating and calming ingredients, DERMAdoctor’s AHA Moisturizing Therapy for Dry Skin features glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, healthier complexion. It also features green tea extract for added antioxidant protection.

4. Body Oil: African Botanics Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil

If you’ve never heard of the beauty benefits of marula oil, you’re missing out. This oil is packed with antioxidants and it makes your skin soft and supple the minute you put it on your skin, thanks to its rich concentration of omega fatty acids and antioxidants that restore firmness and elasticity to your skin. Lightweight and nourishing, this body oil also has vitamin E to defend against free radicals and improve skin tone and collagen synthesis.

5. Tan-Enhancing Body Lotion: St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser

St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser not only provides lasting hydration for your skin, it also helps extend the life of your tan. It’s formulated with jojoba extracts and emollient shea butter to lock in moisture and softness, while amino acids and grapefruit nourish and leave your skin radiant.

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