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Your Best Summer Hair – Without the Heat


The last thing you want to do on vacation (or even just at home in the sweltering heat) is spend precious minutes fighting with a blow dryer. Mastering the art of the perfect air-dry is no easy feat. Sure, avoiding heat on your hair is a simple way to put your locks on the path to healthy, especially if they are weak and damaged by bleaching, harsh styling products, and countless hours under the blow dryer. But, for those who have become dependent on heat for the perfect hair, breaking up with your beloved curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer is a blessing in disguise—it gives those delicate strands a much-needed break to recover. While you don’t need to swear off your hot tools forever, taking a few days off can restore vibrancy and shine, making hair less dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. If you’re not genetically blessed with hair that naturally dries into perfect waves with nary an ounce of frizz, fear not. You can still wear a heatless hairstyle with the right mix of products (yes, you need a few on hand since good hair days sans heat are all about how you prep the hair). Sure, it might take some time to figure out what approach works best for you and your hair (setting hair overnight and letting it air dry is what most hair experts recommend) to get hair with lots of body and bounce sans any heat.

Here’s everything you need to stockpile to get the perfect summer hair without the heat!

  1. VIRTUE® Recovery Shampoo
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    VIRTUE® Recovery Shampoo

    It all starts with a good shampoo. The first step begins in the shower. Moisturizing and hydrating shampoos are a must since the extra dose of hydration allows for better retention (also, the lack of heat won’t zap the moisture out of your hair). The more hydrated your hair is, the tamer and sleeker it will look. When the hair is adequately hydrated, its natural wave pattern will have more definition without being weighed down.

    Perfect for heat-damaged hair, Virtue Recovery Shampoo does more than just cleanse the hair. While it washes away product build-up, it also fills in cracks in the hair shaft with keratin so that the hair is softer and healthier. Think of this treatment-meets-shampoo as the end-all-be-all to reverse the signs of pre-existing damage from heat and even color.

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  2. Olaplex No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum
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    Olaplex No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

    Protect your strands. Although you may be bypassing your favorite curling wand in place of a heatless natural wave, you still need to protect your hair from everything else. Heat may be an obvious damage offender, but pollution is an under-the-radar one, too. Pollution harbors free radicals, which break up hair bonds and protein and leave the hair gnarled, tangled, split, damaged, and broken. So, if your hair isn’t protected on every level, damage may still find a way to wreak havoc on your locks.

    More than just a pollution defender, Olaplex No. 9 also protects and detangles the hair, so it’s more manageable—a big plus when you’re styling sans heat. Formulated with antioxidant-rich red algae extract, which creates an invisible shield on the hair, this silky smooth, silicone-free serum instantly detangles and adds shine and softness, making every day a good hair day. And on days when you do opt for heat styling, you can run this leave-in through your hair for up to 48 hours of pollution and heat protection. Talk about a win-win.

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  3. Briogeo Superfoods Banana and Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray
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    Briogeo Superfoods Banana and Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray

    Add some body. Whether you let your strands air-dry into perfect waves or use the help of Velcro rollers, there’s no denying the importance of a good texture spray. Without one, the hair may fall flat and lack volume in all the right places. Trust us, a little product makes the difference between hair that looks wash-and-go and hair that has an effortless yet polished style.

    A few spritzes of Briogeo Superfoods Banana and Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray create natural-looking volume for perfect lived-in beach waves—you know, the ones that most of us spend too much time trying to master with a heat-based styling wand. Unlike other texture sprays that leave the hair dry or sticky, this naturally-derived, silicone-free, vegan formula adds shine and moisture. Just spray through the hair and scrunch or twist the hair into formation for casual curls.

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  4. R+Co MOON LANDING Anti-Humidity Spray
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    R+Co MOON LANDING Anti-Humidity Spray

    Fight the frizz. The downside to going heat-free is potential frizz and fly-aways, especially if you live in humid weather. But the right anti-humidity spray eliminates that. Lightweight anti-humidity sprays sit in a league all their own and lock moisture out of the hair’s cuticle by creating an invisible layer that doesn’t leave hair looking or feeling greasy or heavy.

    R+Co MOON LANDING Anti-Humidity Spray should be the final step in your heatless hair routine. This light spray works hard to quell frizz by repelling moisture with a unique polymer blend. It’s also chock full of good-for-your-hair provitamin B5 and tocopherol for mega-watt shine. You’ll wonder how you ever made it through a humidity-drenched summer without this frizz calmer.

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  5. dpHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy
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    dpHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy

    Consider braiding your hair. A simple braid is the basis for many of the popular heatless waves seen all over social media. Putting wet (or damp) hair into a braid reduces friction between your hair and your pillow while you sleep for less breakage. Then, in the morning, you’ll wake up to beautiful, natural waves sans any knots, snarls, or tangles. No matter the braid style—simple or more intricate—they all work well on all hair types, including natural hair.

    Apply a few drops of oil, like dpHue Color Fresh Oil Therapy, to the hair in the morning after undoing the braids. This lightweight oil, which is loaded with hair-smoothing ingredients like Argan oil and liquid shea butter, helps tame frizz and flyaways while preventing your color from fading while you’re out in the sun. As a bonus, it’s clear (not colored or tinted), so it won’t dull or alter your hair color.

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  6. SEEN Curly Creme
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    SEEN Curly Creme

    Define your waves and curls. Going heatless is healthier for your hair, but naturally wavy and curly hair may need some help in the control department. That’s where a lightweight curl-enhancing cream comes in. Without one, the hair can start to take on a life of its own—think out-of-control curls, frizz, dry strands, and do-nothing hair.

    So much more than your average curl-taming cream, SEEN Curly Creme is dermatologist-developed and sets the stage for perfect curls every time. Apply the non-comedogenic formula (it’s safe for your skin, too, so there’s no need to worry about clogged pores or breakouts) to wet hair and let it do its magic. Once your hair dries, it will emerge with soft curls that are never crunchy and have the right amount of hold.

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