Quiz: Are You Using Too Much of Your Beauty Products?

BY Lauren Salerno · March 13, 2017

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How much of your beauty and skin care products do you really need to use? A dollop, a dot—does it really matter? According to skin care experts, it does! Apply too little and you run the risk of losing the benefits your products promise. Apply too much and you will not only waste hard-earned cash, but also, potentially, cause damage to your skin! For instance, applying more than the recommended dosage of your moisturizer won’t hydrate your skin longer. The excess product will only sit on top of your skin and do absolutely nothing (except make you look shiny and clog your pores!).  On the other hand, if you don’t apply the proper amount of sunscreen to your face or body, you won’t get the level of protection marked on the label (in other words: sunburn).

So how much moisturizer, sunscreen, cleanser, serum and eye cream do you really need? Take this quiz and find out!


READERS – Is there a product we left out? Do you have other fun ways to remember the correct amount of product to apply? Or maybe you have a story about how you were applying too much or not enough product? Scroll down to leave a comment.

Lauren Salerno

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