Molly Sims and the Balancing Act Between Career, Success and Flawless Skin

BY Tracy O’Connor · March 11, 2016

molly sims beauty secrets

You know her from her role in the network television series, Las Vegas, and for gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated, but Molly Sims is a lot more than that. Aside from being an actress, model, active humanitarian and mother of two, she is also the author of the #1 New York Times best seller, The Everyday Supermodel, the ultimate girl’s guide to everything fashion, fitness, diet and lifestyle. Here, we sat down with her to steal a few of her supermodel beauty secrets.



1. You travel a lot. What beauty issues do you have while traveling?

My eyes go bloodshot. My lips get really dry if I’m not drinking enough water. And dark circles for days! For years, I traveled back and forth from New York to Los Angeles on the red eye, so sunglasses became my very best friend.

2. Do you do anything embarrassing on the plane—like any in-flight beauty treatments?

Are you kidding me? All the time. Sometimes I wear those under-eye hydrating gels or patches. I always put a balm inside my nose to keep bacteria at bay and my nose from getting too dry. I’ve done masks on planes too. I love a good face mask!

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3. What kind of snacks do you eat when on the go?

I try to eat healthy when in flight or on the road. I don’t even touch plane food. Generally, there is a lot of sodium in it, and I retain water like a camel, so I bring all my own food. I pack carrot sticks and hummus, healthy popcorn, gluten-free crackers and a little dark chocolate for when I’m craving sweets.

4. In the summer, you spend a lot of time at your beach house in the Hamptons. Are you good about wearing sunscreen?

I didn’t used to be in my twenties, and I’m paying for it now. I deal with melasma, sun spots and all that fun stuff. The melasma got especially bad during my first pregnancy. So, yes, I wear sunscreen every day. I usually choose a mineral-based sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. I’m trying to get better about applying it to my chest, neck and hands too. But I’m really good with it with my babies. I cover them in natural sunscreen and make them wear hats and shirts at peak hours.

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5. What else do you do to protect yourself in the sun?

Hats. I wear a lot of floppy hats, and I always wear sunglasses. I always wear concealer on the high points of my face—my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. My friend in skin care taught me that the concealer acts almost like a T-shirt on your face—a physical barrier.

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6. In your book, The Everyday Supermodel, you talk a lot about not being born a “supermodel” but really having to work for it. What was the hardest part about “working for it”?

Growing thick skin. It takes time. You can’t get your feelings hurt in this business. My agents had talks with me about my weight, my acne and all kinds of uncomfortable things. I had to learn to just accept that to be successful in this business I couldn’t give up because I didn’t look one certain way. I had to believe in myself, my individual attributes, and just keep going.

7. What’s in your purse right now?

Baby bottles. Toy cars. My iPad. Hand sanitizer. Facial wipes, concealer, lip balm, mascara, lipstick. And hand cream—because I’m always sanitizing.

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8. You are a mom to a toddler and a newborn. What’s changed about your beauty routine since having children?

It’s cliché, but you seriously don’t have time to look at yourself in the morning, let alone apply a face full of makeup. I focus on what’s going to make the biggest difference. I’m up all night—so priority one is concealer. On normal days, I don’t even apply foundation anymore because I don’t have time. I moisturize, apply sunscreen, spot treat with a cream concealer and usually apply a bright lip color if I need to look polished. If I have extra time I’ll throw on a coat of black mascara and cream blush.

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9. Did your mom pass down any beauty secrets?

My mom would put castor oil all over her face and neck! Yikes! If I tried that, I’d turn into a giant pimple. What she did teach me was to work hard and always say thank you. Beauty can only take you so far.

10. What’s your favorite trend in beauty right now?

I have a lot of favorite trends. Dewy skin. Bright lips. Bold eyebrows. Nude nail polish. I love that cosmetics aren’t permanent. You can experiment, try new things and have fun. Makeup isn’t like a tattoo—it washes off.



11. You were just co-hosting ABC’s The View in New York and had a series of crack-of-dawn wake-ups. How do you look so fresh?

Obviously my on-set makeup artists are mostly to thank. And a great set of false eyelashes! Day to day, curling my eyelashes is always important when I’m looking tired. I put at least two coats of mascara, and that helps. I have a gel cooling mask I keep in the freezer and put on my face too, which helps with puffiness and dark circles. It even brings a glow to the skin so it doesn’t look so sallow.

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12. Have you ever had an on-set beauty disaster?

I’ve had so many. My first day on the job, when I was hosting House of Style for MTV, I had a huge pimple in the middle of my forehead. The night before I tried to get rid of it by putting toothpaste on it. I practically burned a hole in my head. I don’t recommend this! I’ve always struggled with acne and even occasionally still do—and I’m in my forties. To keep acne from forming, I exfoliate my skin a few times a week with a chemical-based exfoliant and use products that help kill bacteria.

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13. You recently went from dark blonde to red to light blonde. How do you keep your hair so healthy?

I only wash my hair two times a week, and I’m addicted to dry shampoo for keeping it fresh. When I do wash it, I actually use two conditioners. I use a regular conditioner on most of my hair, and then I use a heavier conditioning treatment on the ends to keep them from splitting.

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14. What’s your ultimate beauty secret?

Prenatal vitamins—whether you are trying to get pregnant or not. I’ve taken them since my mid-twenties, and I truly believe they help your hair grow healthier and longer and make your skin look better. Not to mention they help supplement your diet, because most of us aren’t getting all the nutrients we need.


15. Do you think women are too hard on themselves when it comes to their looks or even accomplishments?

Lord, yes!

16. You grew up in the South, lived in New York and now spend most of your time by the beach in L.A. How is beauty different in each city?

Southern women are always put together. And you know what? When you are put together you feel better about yourself—you just do. In New York I learned to experiment, try new things and embrace my individual beauty. There’s so much diversity in New York; you realize there is no “one” beauty. L.A. women know how to look relaxed and sexy. They have that kind of casual, beachy beauty.

17. If there’s one advice from your book that you think readers should absolutely live by, what would it be?

Oh my gosh, that is a tough question. Different people are going to take away different things that are more relevant to them and their lifestyle. Exercise is key. Do a little something every day. That will impact your mind, body and spirit more than anything.

18. How should we take care of our skin as we grow older?

Moisturize the heck out of your skin and use serums with antioxidants. And don’t be afraid to try an oil-based cleanser. As we get older our skin tends to be drier, and oil-based cleansers feel so good on the skin and get the job done.

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19. Any makeup tip for more mature women?

Cream-based cosmetics look more youthful as we get older than powder. Powder can make the skin look dull and dry and can settle into wrinkles and pores. I love to apply a pinkish, cream blush right in the center of my cheeks. It gives the appearance of healthy, flushed skin and also kind of gives the mid-face a lift.

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20. If you could give your 23-year-old self beauty advice, what would it be?

Definitely wear sunscreen. Also, to appreciate the body I had then. I had so much trouble losing weight after my first pregnancy, and my body changed so much. All those years I thought I was five pounds overweight I was crazy! I wasn’t. I looked great.

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