Skin Care Awareness Month: Mission 2 – Increase Hydration

BY Dermstore Editors · September 4, 2015

Mission 2 of our Skin Care Awareness Month challenge is all about increasing hydration and giving your skin the minerals it needs to maintain a healthy, glowing appearance.

Last week we gave 5 lucky winners their own Back to Basics prize package, and we’re doing the same again this week for 5 more winners. Simply follow our daily steps and share your feedback and progress with us online and you’ll have a chance to win $129 worth of hydrating products! Sign up now for your chance to win, and be sure to scroll below to follow your weekly mission.


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Now that you’ve signed up for a chance to win a prize package full of hydrating skin care, we’ll guide you through the 5 steps you’ll need to complete your second mission.


Step 1: Drink a sufficient amount of water. We all know the importance of water to our health, but it may not have been the first thing that pops into your head when you think of anti-aging skin care. Trust us, water plays a major role. Click through to see our infographic to learn more.

Step 2: Find the right moisturizer for your skin type. According to Dr. Sandra Kopp of Schweiger Dermatology, if you tend to have dry skin, look for oil-based creams or lotions. “Any moisturizer with alcohols or fragrances should also generally be avoided for those with dry skin, as they can make the problem worse. For oily or acne-prone skin, lightweight gels and serums are more beneficial,” Dr. Kopp said.

Step 3: Master the right way to moisturize. We may skip the retinol or toner from time to time, but no matter how much of a rush we’re in or how minimal of a look we’re going for, we can never skimp on our favorite moisturizer. It doesn’t matter if you’re shelling out for a high-end product or working on a budget: If you don’t apply it properly, it’s useless.

Step 4: Try a facial oil. According to Dr. Lotika Singh of Schweiger Dermatology Group, face oils, depending on the type, can be used for cleansing or hydrating. “They are most beneficial in patients with dry/sensitive skin to wear under moisturizer. Those with sensitive skin need to be careful to avoid heavily fragranced oils, as those can be irritating,” Dr. Singh said. Also, believe it or not, oil is a gentle way to thoroughly cleanse your skin without having to scrub harshly or strip it of its natural oils, says cosmetic acupuncturist and herbalist Kathleen Funk. “If you’ve heard of the Asian ritual of double cleansing, cleansing with oil is actually the first step.”

Step 5: Treat yourself to a facial mask. Sometimes the pampering experience of an instantly soothing and softening facial mask is just what our skin needs. Our favorite? The sheet mask! Keeping active ingredients in direct contact with the skin while blocking the air (and the contaminants in it) from interfering with the pampering process, the sheet mask is our absolute go-to. Here are 7 of the best sheet masks to help with a variety of skin concerns.


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