What Celebrity Hairstylist Jordan Blackmore Learned From Dealing With Thinning Hair

BY Dermstore Editors · October 21, 2015

Jordan Blackmore’s introduction to hair started with legendary stylist Oribe in Miami Beach. After several years under Oribe’s tutelage, he left the beach for the big city and opened Three Squares Studio in Manhattan, a destination frequented by celebrities, socialites and business executives who want to stay on top of the latest hairstyles and fashion trends. Blackmore holds the issues of hair health and hair loss extremely close because his personal history with them has played a significant role in his styling approach. He has educated stylists globally on these topics, and his partnership with the creator of Renessence provides the market with a hair renewal product he truly believes in. A frequent contributor to GQ, Details, Glamour, NYLON and Town & Country, Blackmore’s roster of celebrity clients includes Marc Jacobs, Jeff Gordon, Brian Atwood, Elizabeth Olsen and André Balazs.



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“Experiencing hair loss for me was—and continues to be—a process. Yes, it was traumatic; I never expected to lose any hair at all, much less in my early 20s (I was only 22 years old). However, it’s a situation not nearly as dire as I once imagined. When I decided to confront it head-on, I discovered that hair loss is an issue that’s never black or white, with no hard-and-fast rules to apply. That stated, I offer you a few important pieces of advice based on my own personal experience:

1. Be mindful about your hair.

No one knows your hair better than you do. Before I noticed the visible effects of my own hair loss, I realized that my hair wasn’t styling the way it once did just a few years earlier.

I’m thankful that my being in the hair industry trained me to be more aware of the health of my hair. Because I was aware of what was happening, I taught myself how to stay ahead of it. I learned that even if I couldn’t totally stop it, I could at least delay the loss. This leads to my next piece of advice…

2. Nourish your body.

No matter your age, gender or the current condition of your hair, proper nutrition is at the top of the list to combat aging and thinning hair. A nutritionally balanced diet rich in iron, protein and vitamins will contribute greatly to the health of your hair. Here are some good food choices to get both the hair and scalp at the top of their game:

  • Eggs are rich in vitamin B, biotin, iron and protein—all of which will encourage hair growth and promote overall scalp health.
  • Fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help grow healthy, thick and shiny hair.
  • Fruits like blueberries, oranges and strawberries contain high amounts of vitamin C, which helps produce collagen to strengthen the capillaries that supply the hair shaft.
  • Anything green is good. I love spinach, broccoli and kale—all filled with vitamins A and C, beta carotene, folate and iron, which work in unison for healthier hair (they also moisturize to help prevent breakage).

3. Defense is the best offense.

Be careful with chemical hair treatments—coloring, straightening, etc.—especially if you have aging and thinning hair, and always leave those treatments to a salon professional. If you live in an area with hard water (i.e., high mineral content), install a filter on your showerhead to neutralize the water’s pH balance. Avoid too-tight ponytails, hair extensions and headbands that pull and can cause hair breakage.

4. Treat your hair like rare silk. 

Aside from avoiding things and activities that can traumatize your hair and follicles, you also need to pamper your hair from time to time. Taking biotin supplements and applying masques or oil treatments on a regular basis ensures your hair grows healthy and strong. Also consider investing in high-quality hair tools that won’t damage your hair, such as a Mason Pearson brush. For your hair care products, I recommend choosing a daily shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to address aging or thinning hair, like Renessence Follicle Forever Shampoo and Conditioner.

 5. Never give up.

There are many components to cultivating great hair, and I say try everything. Be willing to be your own case study. Commit daily with no expiration date in sight. Remember, there are always going to be those 2 out of 10 people who have naturally amazing hair, and the 2 out of 10 who, no matter what type of measures they take, will never stop hair loss. This advice is for the remaining 6 people who want to do everything possible to avoid hair loss.

At the end of the day, this is a subject that never ends. As our bodies age we start to produce less and less of the good stuff that creates that great-looking 18-year-old hair we once had. But that doesn’t mean it’s game over—far from it. We must be diligent about keeping our hair and scalp healthy and delaying hair loss with preventative measures, and maybe we can delay it long enough until technology has the capability to reverse it.

Good luck and good journey!”

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