The Definitive and Dermatologist-Approved Guide to Youthful Skin

BY Ashley Magovern, M.D. · January 1, 2016

The world of skin care can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many brand and product choices available on the market today, it can be hard to keep up and decide which ones to try. Not knowing how or even where to begin with your skin care routine can leave you feeling confused. But don’t worry, you are not alone.

As a dermatologist, I see men and women every day who wish they had started taking care of their skin earlier—and I agree with them. Regardless of the reason they are seeing me, be it for a rash or a mole, they always ask about how they can take better care of their skin on the way out. The good news I tell them is that it is never too late to start.

Our skin is a window to our inner health and wellness. There really is no shortcut to youthful-looking skin other than through a healthy mind and body. But remember that our skin is also our first line of defense against the outside world. So as you start making better food choices and exercising more often, don’t forget about your skin care routine. Thankfully, with the right tools and information—like the Skin Care Guide below—building a good regimen is easier than you think. And if you dutifully stick to it for a few months, you will really start to see changes.

Good luck in your skin care journey!

– Dr. Ashley Magovern

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Ashley Magovern, M.D.

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