The One Facial Celebrities Get Before Heading to the Red Carpet

BY Gracee Tolentino · February 24, 2016

We’ve always been curious about what goes into the celebrities’ red-carpet looks. And we’re not just talking about their hair and makeup—which we’re sure takes a village to accomplish—but how they achieve that certain ethereal glow that seems to emanate from within. So we asked around and found a spa that’s known for catering to Hollywood’s most celebrated complexions before their most visible events: the Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa. The house specialty, aptly called the Red Carpet Facial, is said to be the go-to treatment of stars like Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara, Eva Mendez and Emily Blunt, to name a few. Intrigued? We’ve tracked down celebrity esthetician and Kinara’s founder Olga Lorencin to get the inside scoop.

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Why Celebrities Love This Facial

“The inspiration for the Red Carpet Facial came from our Oscar-going clients and their need for instantly radiant skin,” explains Lorencin. “Stars love it because it instantly illuminates their skin and has zero side effects.”

So what makes this facial a cut above the rest, and why are celebrities obsessed with it? According to Lorencin, this custom-tailored facial includes a thorough skin analysis by one of Kinara’s master estheticians, a skin-refining peel that works to dissolve impurities and even skin tone, a deep pore cleanse and a warm application of Lorencin’s regenerating Polishing Mask for a healthy dose of minerals, lysate, squalane and sodium hyaluronate.

Now, you may not be an A-list celebrity (yet), but you’ll be happy to know that this facial also comes in an at-home kit. Named after its in-spa version, the Olga Lorencin Skin Care Red Carpet Facial Kit includes a two-step lactic and amino acid peel, which offers a uniquely intelligent exfoliation system. When neutralized, it creates an effervescent sensation that deeply cleans and refines the pores. The facial’s final step, the Polishing Mask, packs a powerful blend of anti-aging ingredients formulated to improve the health and hydration of the skin. Depending on the condition of the skin and skin care goals, results may be achieved after a single treatment, with further improvement after continued use.

“The main difference is the strength,” explains Lorencin. “For the home kit, application is recommended one to two times a week. The in-spa treatment is recommended monthly. While the in-spa treatment includes the benefit of incorporating all the advanced technical modalities we include in the treatment room, the fundamental formulation doesn’t vary, enabling the same skin-illuminating results at home.”

Recreate This Treatment at Home

Whether it’s your (or someone else’s) wedding day, a company black-tie event or a fancy dinner with your significant other, the trick is to start using this at-home facial a few weeks before your big event. “Your skin is an organ, so it requires continuous care,” shares Lorencin. “Use the kit the night before the big event, followed by the appropriate moisturizer. The next morning continue with your usual skin care routine.”

If asked what other tips she could give to maintain that red-carpet glow, she responds: “Don’t ever sleep with makeup on, and make sure that your nighttime routine is never skipped. This is the most important part of any skin care, as skin rejuvenates and rebuilds itself at night while you sleep.”

Want to see how easy it is to perform this facial right in the comfort of your own home? Watch the video below.

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