Bree Goldwater

Owner, BOX® human landscapers®

In 1999, Bree Goldwater launched BOX® human landscapers®. Originally named “BOX®,” it was one of the first niche waxing salons in the country to specialize exclusively in Brazilian & Bikini waxing. About 7 years ago, Bree trademarked “Sac & Crack” for fun; it has since become one of the company’s signature services. Not only does BOX® operate waxing salons in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, they wholesale their house-blended wax along with training & tools to some of the world’s top spas, and are launching a line of premium ointments this year. Bree has two children, ages 10 and 14, and has been married to Jason Goldwater for nearly 20 years. Her true loves are family and the ocean.