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Beach Waves Hair Tutorial With Harry Josh

There’s something so inherently effortless and feminine about a thick mane of twisting, curling, waving tresses that we can’t help but appreciate. Whether or not you know it, you’ve most likely seen beach waves created by celebrity stylist Harry Josh either on the catwalk, red carpet or in a magazine. And now, the renowned King of Beach Waves has created a video tutorial for replicating his signature look with his 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1 Inch. In case you have any doubts about his reigning status, check out his A-list clients who pose with him and his iron and you’ll realize there really is no one who does beach waves like this guy. Watch the simple video tutorial below with the man himself to find out how to do it.

Harry Josh’s Pro Tips for Sexy Beach Waves 

Work with one-inch sections of hair at a time.

Starting with the hair on the left side of your head, work with one-inch sections of hair at a time. With each section, Josh explains to “wrap hair around the wand and make sure the end of the hair is at the front of the forehead.”

Finished with that side? “When you get to the other side of the head,” Josh says, “you’re going to wrap it backwards and make sure that the tip of the hair is in the back.”

Note: Leave the tip of the hair free to nail that less refined, carefree look.

Hold for two to seven seconds—depending on your hair’s texture.

With the model in the video, Josh is holding each section for about two or three seconds because it’s thick and holds a curl well. “If your hair isn’t durable—maybe it’s slippery, silky, smooth, doesn’t hold a curl,” he advises to hold for up to five or seven seconds per section.

Pull on the hair to create a loose wave instead of a defined curl.

“While it’s still hot,” says Josh, “I can actually mold the hair. I’m pulling on it because I don’t want it to be curly. I keep pulling, and when I let go, you can see I have a consistent wave pattern all the way down.”

What happens if a section is a little curlier than the rest? Josh offers an easy fix. Take the section, “wrap it really quickly and while it’s still hot, pull on the end to straighten it out to the wave pattern you want.”

Make it a little wilder and sexier with a shake and a flip.

You could finish the look here, or you can go for a wilder, sexier finish. The key here is to shake it up, mess it up and have a little fun to make your hair wild and big. Josh notes that you will have some flyaways and the look won’t be as uniform. However, “what it’s gonna do is create a lot of volume, a lot of texture and a lot of lift.”

Finish it off with some hairspray, tousle your strands again and voilá! Go forth and enjoy your sexy beach waves.

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