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7 Crystals and Gemstones That Will Make Your Skin Sparkle

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Different shapes and sizes of crystals

With jade rollers and gua sha everywhere you look on social media and crystals making their way into estheticians’ treatment rooms, it seems like everyone is putting gemstones on their faces. But do the benefits of gemstones and crystals for skin make them worth adding to your routine?

According to some beauty experts, the answer is yes. Proponents say certain crystals and stones possess properties that can ward off negative energy, lift the spirit and facilitate healing—both the mind and body. Reaping the rewards of these mystical wonders may be as easy as holding onto a stone, wearing one around your neck or massaging a crystal-infused cream onto your face. But how do they work? Read on.

The Benefits of Crystals for Skin

The use of crystals for skin health and overall well-being may be having a moment, but it isn’t new—in fact, crystal healing has been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years.

“Healers have been utilizing the power of crystal energy to bring balance to the various energy points of the body, also known as ‘chakras,’ since antiquity,” says Barbara Close, a holistic beauty expert and the founder of Naturopathica. “I personally believe that in order to address specific skin concerns, we must address the physical and energetic body.”

Naturopathica’s new collection of Crystal Energy Healing Masks does just that by incorporating crystals like amethyst, tourmaline and ruby into each of the three formulations. Each of these gemstones works to impart balance and overall well-being while addressing a specific skin need. “For example, someone looking to calm and soothe their highly sensitized skin will benefit from amethyst, a crystal known to relieve stress and anxiety,” says Close. “It is an integrated approach to harmonize both the skin and the mind.”

Naturopathica's Crystal Energy Masks

While there aren’t a lot of scientific studies that support the healing benefits of crystals, “vibrational healing is a powerful modality that has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine,” Close explains. “All matter contains energy. While air has the highest vibrational energy (think of steam billowing up from the kettle on the stove), solid matter such as rock has a lower vibration to the naked eye but is still composed of electrons that are constantly moving,” she says. “Crystal healing and gemstones build on the idea that by surrounding yourself with positive vibrations you can re-align the flow of energy to build a more positive therapeutic result.”

Which Crystals Are Best for Your Skin?

In crystal healing, different stones confer unique benefits based on their vibrational energies—here are a few you might try to address common skin concerns.

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