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Different Types of Bags Based on Hairstyle & Face Shape

Lindsay Tigar
Writer and expert5 years ago
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You're scrolling through Instagram, procrastinating your next deadline at work and you stumble across a photo of a friend who is killin’ it with her new bangs. They’re edgy yet crisp and you wonder if you could pull off this stellar look. Though some people seem to effortlessly rock this hairstyle, others don’t get it quite right and that’s usually due to not doing enough research before opting into the cut. As client education lead at eSalon, Courtney Goebel explains that many factors should be considered when you decide to get bangs, including your hair texture, color and most important, face shape.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

If you aren’t exactly sure what face shape you have, don’t worry. Goebel makes it easy to determine. She recommends looking at yourself in the mirror and paying close attention to three key areas of your face: your hairline, jawline and face length. “Does your hairline start more than four fingers away from your eyebrows? Awesome. This means you will have more options with how you style your bangs,” she continues. “Is your jawline oval-shaped? Baby bangs are an edgy trend that will compliment your features especially. Have a very long face? Opt for long, layered bangs for balance that’s also versatile,” she recommends.

Best Types of Bangs For Your Hairstyle & Face Shape

Now that you know how to examine your face shape, here’s our guide on how to pick the most flattering bangs, along with some helpful tips and product recommendations, too. Time to chop-chop!

1. If Your Face Is Heart-Shaped: Wispy Bangs with Long Hair

Your face has soft angles and of course, is easy to love, but with bangs, you want to be mindful of the length over width. As Goebel explains, heart-shaped faces need bangs that elongate from the forehead down, as well as accentuate the curvature at the tip of your chin. “Wispy fringe bangs are thin enough to magnify these areas, while playful enough to make a chic statement,” she explains.

heart shaped bangs

How to Style: If you go with the wispy, gypsy-inspired style, Goebel says you’ll have to figure out how to re-blow dry your hair since it’ll change with this look. Start by rough drying out the bulk of moisture until it’s about 75 percent crisp. Then, using a round brush underneath your bangs, dry until they get some more volume, creating a bouncy bend. To finish, blast with cool air.

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2. If Your Face Is Round-Shaped: Thick, Side Swept Bangs

If you have a round-shaped face, you probably think bangs are a no-go for you. In fact, Goebel says most clients with this face shape who are tempted to switch up their hairstyle are hesitant since they fear it could make their face look fuller. She explains that the right type of cut can actually be very flattering and complementary. “Say hello to thick-cut, side-swept bangs that extend mid-cheek. Side swept bangs adds an angular length to your hair and face, instead of accentuating the U-shaped curvature of your chin,” she explains. “They will also help elongate your jawline, giving extra definition to the hollows of your cheeks,” Goebel adds. As a bonus, she says they’re super fun to style and play with—unlike other bangs that can be more restrictive.

side swept bangs

How to Style Side Swept Bangs: If you’re feeling ready to tackle the world with your side swept bangs, Goebel says to start by drying your hair from the roots section first, which helps to keep your bangs stick closer to your face. This ensures that they look fresh and smooth, sans frizz. Then, she recommends using a medium-size round brush to blow the ends away from your face, creating a slight bend. Once your hair is cooled down, she suggests spritzing with a volume spray and playing with how you’d like them to lay.

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3. If Your Face Is Long-Shaped: Straight-Across Heavy Bangs

You’re in luck if your face is defined by length since Goebel says it’s easy-peasy for you to pull off bangs. She suggests going with straight-across, heavy bangs that fall either at your brow line or slightly above it. “That’s because the extra hair kissing the forehead makes for allover balance, drawing attention to the eyes and center of the face and away from the length at the chin,” she explains. “Symmetry is key with long face shapes and heavy bangs are a great way to own your face shape while flattering it too,” Goebel adds.

long shaped bangs

How to Style: If you’ve rocked this hairstyle before, the good news is it’s easier than you think, according to Goebel. You’ll want to invest in a high-quality brush and blow your hair back and forth over the forehead, pointing your blow dryer down. Goebel says a paddle brush is your best bet since it will help remove moisture from hair while allowing the bangs to fall in the same direction. Then, follow the dryer with your brush, moving from root to tip, using the round of the head as your palette. Before you jet-set to the office, spritz with dry shampoo for extra texture and you’re done!

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4. If Your Face Is Oval-Shaped: Anything, Really!

For those with faces shaped like diamond rings, you’ve got a gem of a structure for bangs. Goebel explains that because you have a versatile face shape, you can experiment and try many options, ultimately figuring out which one makes you feel the most confident. Currently, Goebel says that baby bangs are a trend worth giving a chance. “Cut short to the hairline, they have a rebellious appeal that’s still feminine and flirty,” she describes. Or, alternatively, piece-y, straight-across bangs have an effortless feel to them, like they just so happened to grow that way and weren’t intentionally cut into bangs, Goebel suggests. “The symmetry of oval faces also opens up your styling options, so you can go for an undone shaggy style or glam up with a picture-perfect rounded flip. Lucky for you, the choice is yours,” she concludes.

oval shaped bangs

How to Style: If you’re opting for the piece-y, straight-across look, Goebel suggests allowing the hair to dry naturally with the aid of a leave-in conditioner. Then, flatten your bangs with a flat iron one piece at a time. “The combination of natural body and slightly sleek pieces has a rocker look that will make everyone jealous,” she shares.

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5. If Your Face Is Square-Shaped: Brow-Grazing Fringe Bangs

Goebel explains that much like long face shapes, a square mug thrives best when bangs are lengthy, full and optimize symmetry and balance. “Since the jawline tends to be more pronounced on square faces, fringe bangs softens this line while also highlighting your enviable features,” she explains. If you’d like to have a softer, more romantic allure, you can also split your fringe into two and wear it side-swept. For when you’re in the mood to go bold, you can also style them all together as a larger, defining chunk making fringe bangs a great, versatile hairstyle.

square shaped bangs

How to Style Fringe Bangs: When you’re drying your hair, Goebel suggests pointing the nozzle down toward the floor, which omits all the moisture from your hair. Using your fingers, twist your hair a bit, adding natural body. Then, once your hair is cool and dry, flat-iron only the tips of the bangs so they can move effortlessly around your face.

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Writer and expert
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