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C-ing Beyond Your Face: The Vitamin C Products to Add to Your Body & Hair Routine

By now, you probably know all about the benefits a well-formulated vitamin C product can do for your complexion; from overall skin evening, brightening and firming to damage prevention and sunscreen-boosting, it really is the type-A overachiever of the skin care world. So, it’s very on-brand for it to also do wonders for your hair and the skin below your chin.

Vitamin C for Hair

One of the ways vitamin C helps your face look firmer and more elastic is because it’s a necessary component to create collagen, and as it turns out, the protein known as collagen also promotes hair health. But it does even more; vitamin C also helps your body absorb an essential mineral for hair growth known as non-heme iron. To reap all these benefits, getting proper levels of vitamin C in your diet through antioxidant-rich foods and supplements is. We like HUM Nutrition Collagen Pop Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets and Alurx High Potency Vitamin C Gummy.

Further following in the footsteps of vitamin C’s benefits for your skin, using the antioxidant powerhouse on your hair helps protect it (and your scalp) from sun and free radical damage. R+Co’s SUN CATCHER Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner has an antioxidant-rich formula that not only helps protects against environmental damage, but also helps soften, seal, detangle and fight frizz. Another major shine-boosting option: Oribe’s Power Drops Color Preservation Booster. This oil-based hair serum can be used alone or mixed with your styling product of choice for added protection from UV rays and to enhance color retention.

Vitamin C for Body

Since skin is skin, no matter if it’s on your face or your body (for the most part), it goes without saying that what vitamin C does for your face, it also does for the rest of your skin. But while you absolutely can use your face formulas on your body (we love repurposing products that didn’t work for our face routine), it’s likely you prefer a dedicated body product. A vitamin c-powered body lotion, with all the skin firming, brightening and protecting benefits you know and love, is probably our number-one recommended body product. With warmer months on the horizon, we’ve been slathering on Sol de Janeiro’s Bom Dia Bright Cream and Natura Bissé’s C+C Vitamin Body Cream. The former gently exfoliates, brightens and helps even your skin with fruit AHAs and vitamin C while also moisturizing and preventing ingrown hairs thanks to Cupuaçu butter and willow bark extract. Plus, it smells amazing. The latter, a skin-firming miracle-worker, has an amino acid and antioxidant-rich formula that nourishes your skin and helps diminish the visible signs of aging. It’s particularly ideal for summer and especially after lengthy sun exposure. And its Mediterranean-citrus scent is like a burst of fresh sunshine that almost makes us think we’ll walk out of our bathroom and into sunny Capri.

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