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We Tried This At-Home Dermaplaning Device, Here’s What Happened

Dermaflash 2.0

From shaving our legs, waxing our underarms to enduring awkward sessions attending to our bikini area, we work diligently to keep unwanted hair at bay. But what about the unwanted hair on our face? Before you start to panic, this is NOT a tutorial on how to shave your face with a razor! Like you, we wanted to find an alternative solution to peach fuzz without having to wax, thread or use a razor. That’s when we stumbled upon DERMAFLASH.


In case you missed our Q&A with founder Dara Levy, DERMAFLASH is touted as the ONLY at-home exfoliation treatment designed to gently remove the outermost layer of the skin, including peach fuzz. Powered by a subtle sonic vibration, this device works like dermaplaning, which is a medical-grade exfoliating treatment available only at a doctor’s office or medical spa.

Considering all the horror stories we heard about our hair growing back thicker, we were initially hesitant about using this device. But according to Dara, such is not the case. It turns out that while men grow terminal hair, women grow vellus hair, which is light and fluffy—and shaving it actually won’t make it grow back thicker. Keep in mind DERMAFLASH is actually NOT a shaver. What sets this apart from a shaver is that DERMAFLASH uses a blade specifically designed for the delicate skin on a woman’s face. So there’s no need to worry about cuts, nicks, stubbles or growing a beard anytime soon. And because DERMAFLASH is primarily designed to exfoliate (removing unwanted hair is just a bonus), you also get to buff away dead cells that make your complexion dull and keep your skin care products from getting absorbed by your skin.

What Happened When We Used DERMAFLASH

To see how it works across different skin tones, we asked two Dermstore team members to participate in this latest installment of  “Dermstore Tries.” Here’s what happened:

Step 1: Charge

The kit includes the device, 6 exfoliating blades (Edge), a facial cleanser (Prep Cleanser), a moisturizer (Soothe Hydrating Moisturizer), a charging base and a line cord. Per the instructions, before we did anything, we made sure to charge our DERMAFLASH for at least 5 hours. We literally had to set a reminder on our phones to make sure we allotted enough time. Do not, we repeat, insert the Edge (blade) before the device is fully charged. It won’t turn on, plus, you’ll render that new blade useless.

Step 2. Prep

Once our device was fully charged, we washed our face with Prep. While you can use any facial cleanser with this device, it is recommended that you use Prep to thoroughly remove excess oil and dirt that might interfere with the exfoliation process.

Step 3. Edge

Don’t judge us, but this was the step we struggled with the most. After referencing the instructions a couple of times, we were successfully able to insert a new Edge into our DERMAFLASH by slowly sliding the device in the cartridge tray. Another common mistake? Inserting a used Edge into the device—the device will know this and won’t turn on unless you insert a new one.

Step 4. Begin

To power on our device, we simply had to hold the hummingbird button for two seconds. The hummingbird will illuminate once it’s on. Afterwards, we began gliding it over our skin in short, feathery-light strokes while holding our skin taut with our free hand. We recommend starting at the front of your ear at the cheekbone and then gliding the device along the contours of your face. Continue with the same strokes on the chin, below and above the lip and finish with the forehead.

True to the product claims, DERMAFLASH does not hurt. It’s very gentle and almost feels like taking a comb to our face. On the other hand, if you’re new to this like we were, it might take some time getting used to. As Kaitlin from the Content team pointed out, “This was a little more difficult to use than I had expected. I found it somewhat hard to get parts of my face at the right angle, while holding the skin tight enough to make it work.

Step 5. Soothe

After we finished DERMAFLASHING, we applied the Soothe Hydrating Moisturizer to our face. This definitely left our skin feeling soft and smooth. In addition to using this product, we recommend following up your treatment with a mix of oils and moisturizers. Kaitlin suggests using a “moisturizer at night after using DERMAFLASH—especially if you have dry skin. The Soothe moisturizer definitely made my skin look great for a few hours, but later in the day, I needed some extra hydration.

Our Verdict

Though it initially took some time familiarizing ourselves with the device, we definitely noticed a healthy glow to our skin afterwards. While Kaitlin saw an immediate difference in the amount of peach fuzz left on her skin, Joann from Marketing commented, “My skin is definitely smoother and soft to the touch, but because I don’t have that much peach fuzz, I don’t see a visible difference in my jawline being more defined.

In our experience, this device is especially beneficial if you have a good amount of unwanted facial hair. The more peach fuzz you have, the greater difference this device can make.

DERMAFLASH Before and Afters

kaitlin-before-after I Dermstore Blog

joann-before-after I Dermstore Blog

Note: These photos have not been retouched or edited. 

What’s Next? 

While we don’t think it’s quite necessary to use on a weekly basis (although that’s what the brand advises for long-term results) this might be something you want to use before a special occasion. As noted by Joann, “I may use it before doing a full face of makeup for an event, since I heard it allows for a smoother makeup application.

Additional Tips 

Although you can totally do this by yourself, it doesn’t hurt to have a second pair of eyes (and in our case, hands) to help you get those hard-to-reach areas. As best explained by Kaitlin, “If you have a friend willing to help you out, I would definitely recommend that. I wasn’t able to see some spots that I had missed as clearly as another set of eyes could. Just make sure you’re both comfortable with him/her holding a blade to your face.” 

Have you tried DERMAFLASH? What did you love about it? Tell us in the comments below!

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