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Flower Power: Meet the Family Behind Chantecaille

Over the last 20 years, Chantecaille has become an established authority in plant-powered botanical skincare and makeup. The brand founded upon certain flowers because of their natural abilityto heal and work in harmony with the body.  

Through ground-breaking scientific advancement and meticulous formulation, Chantecaille created plant powered products that deliver impactful, visible results.  

Masters of “no makeup makeup”, their award-winning products are formulated with skin care in mind, so they work overtime to support great skin both on and below the surface.  

A Family Affair  

Sylvie Chantecaille has been in the beauty industry for more than four decades. She launched the brand with her daughter, Olivia, in 1998. Together, they created a new landscape of beauty in the form of products powered by high concentrations of botanicals and pure ingredients. As Creative Director, Olivia guides new formula development and brings the company’s story to life across PR, the website and social media. Sylvie’s daughter Alex is CCO, Chief Commercial Officer, and oversees Chantecaille’s retail and customer strategies across the globe.  

To get to know the brand and the powerhouse family behind it, we sat down with Slyvie, Olivia and Alex to learn more about all things Chantecaille including their latest launches, their must-have products and more. Check out our Q&A to hear more about the brand & the women behind it.

Question: What inspired or influenced you to create Chantecaille?

Sylvie Chantecaille: When we founded Chantecaille, our vision was of a company based on plants that only used ingredients that were healthy for you. We launched as the first luxury company using botanicals—specifically flowers—and science. From day one, almost 25 years ago, we have been natural and cruelty-free. We make sure each product is crafted to bring maximum results using natural ingredients and smart science. We use our innovations to yield maximum results with minimum impact on the planet—for example, we use plant stem cells in our skin care not just because they’re super-effective, but also because they’re incredibly sustainable and don’t exploit the Earth’s resources. 

Question: What are the benefits of botanicals?  

SC: Botanicals—specifically flowers—are natural ingredients that work in harmony with our skin. Our bodies are most at ease in the natural world and there’s an understanding between our cells and the cells of plants, which we sometimes can’t even explain, but it’s very real. We use plant stem cells in our products because they’re incredibly effective and require little of the Earth’s resources – they’re grown with very little water or soil and yield a concentration of very effective ingredients. We source the most effective botanical ingredients, and we work with experts around the world—with different scientists and technical labs chosen for their strengths in particular aspects in our business.   

Question: What is your must-have have Chantecaille product?

SC: Pure Rosewater. I cannot live without it. My daughter Olivia and I were driving around the South of France looking for a jasmine field and we stopped to talk to a farmer and that’s where we realized there was the most intoxicating, stunning Rose de Mai field right behind the jasmine field. The farmer was making rosewater on his farm that day, too. We built a relationship with him, and it has continued today. We discovered the benefits of this highly nourishing rose, and about its harvesting process — it only blooms once a year, in May. Creating this perfect product is all about harvesting the Rose de Mai petals first thing in the morning and distilling them the same day. There is nothing but the petal distillation in the bottle — just the purest extract of the Rose de Mai rose. There are 4,000 petals in each bottle. It is something I am never without—no matter where I am—and use constantly! 

Question: Future Skin Oil Free Foundation is an award-winning product. We have quite a few fans in the Dermstore office. What makes it award-winning?

Olivia Chantecaille: Future Skin works anytime, anywhere, for anything — on the weekends, for work meetings, on Zoom calls, even at my wedding. It is breathable, buildable, and lightweight. When I was modeling, I tried countless different foundations, and most would break me out or irritate my skin. I’d be counting down the hours until I could take it off and wash my face. But with Future Skin, I don’t even know I’m wearing it. It’s oil-free, water based, packed with skincare benefits, and very comfortable to wear.  

We are the foundation of choice used on the Euphoria set and we have seen a tremendous new uptick in our sales of Future Skin, especially with customers who are new to our brand.  

Question: Are there any up-and-coming ingredients that you think will take off in the near future? 

OC: Ingredients that balance the skin’s microbiota — like Marine Postbiotic, Noni Extract, and Marina Exopolysaccharide, which will all be in an exciting upcoming new skincare launch! As technology and science have advanced, it has become clear that balancing the skin’s microbiota is crucial for healthy looking skin. Through cutting-edge science, we have created a formula that addresses the source of skin’s microbiota imbalance—we don’t just treat the side effects that come with an unbalanced skin ecosystem like acne and excessive sebum production, we address the source. When skin finds its natural equilibrium, its true homeostasis and healthiest state, a shift happens. We are thrilled to be able to offer a product that provides this to our clients very soon! 

Question: What is your must-have Chantecaille product?

OC: One I turn to over and over is Bio Lifting Mask+ because it addresses all my skin’s needs.  I could use it as a cream in the morning and sleep in it at night. If I used only that one product, I would look fresher and more radiant every day— more lifted, smoother, firmer, dense, with the healthiest, most hydrated skin. Some days I use it as an eye cream or on my hands — it has endless uses.   

What makes the Bio Lifting Mask+ really stand out in a market full of (almost oversaturated with) masks is how potent and scientifically proven the botanical ingredients and peptides we chose for the formula are. Real results with a formula built on naturals. We take the science behind our products very seriously, and we are proud of the results and efficacy of this mask (and the popularity amongst clients!). I’d say the Bio Lifting Mask+ is our “cult-classic” mask. Once you try it, you are hooked.  

Question: Do you have any exciting launches in the works?  

Alex Chantecaille: Yes—we just launched our new face tints, Anti-Aging Face Tint in Bronze and Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint, which are like three products in one. They hydrate the skin, blur out imperfections for an even glowy skin tone, and anti-aging peptides and hyaluronic acid plump the skin while giving an all-over pearlescent glow or bronze effect. They are not to be missed. And we have a very exciting moisturizer launch in the near future!  

Question: What is your no makeup, makeup routine?

AC: A few swipes of Just Skin or Future Skin will even out my complexion while still looking natural. Then Mermaid Eye Shade in Hematite or Triton topped with Luminescent Eye Shade in Zebra or Rhino, always a Luster Glide Liner in my favorite gold-bronze color Jasper. I tend to apply it with my fingers and then soften the crease with a brush. Faux Cils Longest Lash mascara, Clear Brow Perfecting Gel to tame the brows and help them grow, and then Cheek Gelee in Happy (a true pink) or Lively (more of a peach). Often whatever Brilliant Gloss or Lip Chic is in my bag will quickly be swiped on my lips as I’m grabbing the elevator. If I’m lucky it’s Lip Chic in Tea Rose and Brilliant Gloss in Love — those are my two favorites. 

Question: What is your must-have Chantecaille product?

AC: Gosh that’s a tough one—I love so many of them—but probably what I can’t live without is Bio Lifting Serum+. I always see such a significant improvement in my skin, the tone and plumpness, even my fine lines and deeper wrinkles are ironed out. The Hexapeptide that powers it is one of our favorite ingredients; we call it “needle-free botox. 

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