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The Insider’s Scoop on Harry Josh’s New Curling Iron

It’s not just because he styles some of the most gorgeous heads on the red carpet (check out his Instagram page and you’ll understand what we’re talking about), or because he’s the genius behind the most buzzed-about hair tools in the industry. We can’t exactly put a finger on why this happens, but when Harry Josh talks, everyone drops everything and hangs on every word he says. His presence commands undivided attention.

So when Harry dropped by the DermStore studio, we just had to sit down with him and pick his brain for expert styling tips, hairstyle ideas and exclusive intel about his spanking-new curling tool: the Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1 Inch. Watch the video below to see him in action, or keep scrolling to read our entire Q&A.



DermStore: Which hairstyle or cut do you think never goes out of style?
Harry Josh: “Definitely long hair with long layers. It’s the most versatile style and tends to have the most mass appeal with women and men alike.”

Let’s talk about curling irons. What do we all need to look for in a great curling tool?
“It’s important to know barrel size. I personally think one inch is the hero size because it allows you to create a variety of shapes, from tighter curls to looser waves. (TIP: For looser waves, you can simply pull the hair at the tip to stretch out the curl while it’s still warm.) Second thing to look for is good heat distribution. A lot of irons have tiny heating elements. Think about a big pot on a stove over a small burner: It doesn’t distribute the heat on the pot as well as a large burner would.”

Is this why you decided to come up with your own curling tool? What is lacking in the existing options on the market, and why is every beauty editor obsessed with yours?
“Honestly, when I first launched the line, the first thing I should have made was a curling iron because I’m obsessed with waves—it’s what I’m known for. Not to brag, but I am the king of beachy waves: Gisele’s (Bündchen) hair put me on the map. What was lacking was speed and durability. All irons could do the trick, but the amount of time it took to create the style, and the quickness with which they broke, made them literally disposable for me.”

What’s the difference between a Marcel curling iron and a traditional curling iron? Which one’s better?
“The Marcel spins and is typically designed for expert stylists. However, if you think back to my mother’s generation, it was all about clamping the ends under and curling them up to get a soft, bouncy end. Modern waves with looser ends have become more of a trend, so now I’m giving you more versatility. They each have their own place, and that’s what’s great about this tool. You’re ultimately paying for one tool with two of the best benefits: The best Marcel iron and the best wand.”

Who do you think will benefit best from the Marcel tool?
“While the Marcel is already beloved by many professional stylists, it also brings a unique ability to women at home who are working to achieve certain style qualities, one of which is the ability to control their ends for a more glamorous finish. That is not the forte of a wand.”

What other looks can you achieve faster with this tool?
“For a high-glamour, high-shine look, the Marcel is your best friend. You can clamp every inch of your hair and tuck it in between the heated plates to create a high-polish, shiny finish.

If you already have wavy or curly hair, you’ll want to use the wand. Wrap the hair around the wand to smooth the curl and help with uniformity. It creates a uniform, separated effect. Use serums for shine and mousses for hold and finish with a hairspray.”

For those who has never touched a Marcel before, what’s the easiest way to use it?
“Although there are multiple techniques, the easiest way to use the Marcel is to clamp the bottom of your hair and curl it up. This will give you a unique wave pattern and is easy to master for a novice.

When practicing with the Marcel, the key is to only work with the last two to three inches of your hair. In fact, practice with the iron off first to master the movements. When ready to apply heat, comb the hair straight, grab a quarter-inch, tuck the ends under and roll up about three to four rotations. Hold for five seconds. When you release you’ll have a corkscrew curl. Brush it immediately and go to the next section and repeat. This should give your hair movement and body on the ends and shine, similar to a hot roller-set look of late ’70s glamour.

Obviously, more intricate styles and techniques will take much more practice, but a novice can definitely use the tool. Before the wand, women used the spring-clamp iron to get movement on their ends. The Marcel now allows you to have the alternative looks that you couldn’t achieve with a wand, but in a more effective way than the spring clamp.”

What’s the next step for you in terms of hair tools?
“Down the pipeline I have plenty of ideas. I prefer to keep them a secret, but they will all be exciting and innovative. I have a passion for innovation and want to continue to create tools unlike anyone else’s. I may be slow to market, but I always plan to wow everyone when it finally does arrive. Integrity is more important than a massive line and competing with competitors.”

To say that we are obsessed the new Marcel Curling Iron is a bit of an understatement—and we are not the only ones. Top beauty publications and hair pros can’t stop talking about it either!



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