The Right Way to Apply Eye Cream According to Beauty Experts

BY Lauren Salerno · July 16, 2015

The answer is “yes.” Skin around the eyes is one of the most delicate areas on the face and the first to show the signs of aging, which is why it’s extremely important to take care of it. Applying your eye cream or eye gel the right way is just as important as using one in the first place, because doing it incorrectly could actually cause more damage. As we get older our skin loses elasticity and stops bouncing back. Pulling or tugging on that delicate skin stretches it out. That’s the reason we made this video—to show you exactly how to apply eye cream and what to avoid!

After washing your face, apply your serums and moisturizer, then take a pea-size amount of eye cream or gel with your ring finger and dab small dots under and around your eyes and on the brow bone. You never want to pull the skin. Instead, gently pat the cream or gel from the eye’s inner corner to its outer corner until it’s absorbed. Wait a couple of minutes before applying your sunscreen or makeup to ensure the product is completely absorbed.

The debate is out on which finger you should use to apply eye products, but we prefer the ring finger. Some people say the ring finger is the weakest; others say they all have the same strength. The main takeaway is, regardless of which finger you use, do not drag, tug or pull on that delicate skin under and around the eyes. Use the finger that’s most comfortable and allows you to pat in the product.



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Lauren Salerno

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