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How to Be Beautiful: 4 Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Tips

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What’s the first thing you see when you imagine someone beautiful? Do you see healthy, glowing skin, soft, full lips and strong, voluminous hair? How about someone who’s happy, confident and supportive of others?

There’s no right response to this because beauty is completely subjective. If you feel beautiful, that’s truly all that matters. To paint a well-rounded picture of beauty, we asked four beauty bloggers, “What makes you feel most beautiful?” Here are six consistent pieces of advice we received.

1. Embrace what makes you unique. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

“Everyone is beautiful. You just need to take the time to look at yourself as an individual, rather than comparing yourself to what you see on Instagram or YouTube. Embracing who you are and your unique physical characteristics and being able to exude that love of what makes you unique is something that is truly beautiful.”

Melanie, @MrKongsMom

“Instead of focusing on your flaws, focus on your favorite part about yourself. Focus on what makes you unique and embrace it!”

–Kate, Kate Loves Makeup

“As a makeup artist, I always identify the beauty in every face. And everyone has it. Fifteen years and hundreds of clients later, I can honestly say every woman has something beautiful about her.”

Lisa, @LisaJMakeup

“Accept that we are all different and unique. Don’t yearn to be or look like someone else—Be the best YOU.”

Tammy, @uppiesbeads59

2. Do a little something for yourself each day.

“I feel beautiful when I am happy. So, I try to do something every day that makes me happy (go on a hike, play with makeup, enjoy a bubble bath, spend time with family).”

Kate, Kate Loves Makeup

“I think the thing that makes me feel the most beautiful is when I take the time every day to primp, even just a little bit. I’m a super busy mom and business owner, but I always make the time (most days anyway) to make myself feel pretty. Even if it’s only a bit of powder foundation over my SPF, a bit of brow powder, some mascara and a bit of gloss. Doing something for yourself every day is so important, especially for moms who often neglect themselves.”

Melanie, @MrKongsMom

3. Focus on your skin health.

“I recommend spending a bit more time focusing on skin care. It’s so important to take care of your skin. You don’t need a 12-step process. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and put on an SPF every single day. Maybe even add in a retinol or Vitamin C treatment for good measure. ;-)”

Melanie, @MrKongsMom

“Having beautiful skin sets the canvas for everything else. I love my Vitamin C serums (these help reverse sun damage). Exfoliating is one of my favorite things for getting rid of the old skin just laying on the surface. And masking!!! I have an arsenal of products. I love doing a spa day at home!!”

Tammy, @uppiesbeads59

4. Don’t neglect the rest of your health—beauty starts from within.

“Sleep and nutrition: truly, it is so important. Our whole body is involved in looking our best. Eat healthy fats and whole foods. Beauty truly does start from within. These foods will help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy!”

Tammy, @uppiesbeads59

5. Keep it positive. 

“First and foremost—always smile! Smiles are contagious and instantly lift your mood and the mood of those around you.”

Lisa, @LisaJMakeup

“I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a young girl or woman who has a strong sense of self confidence.”

Melanie, @MrKongsMom

“Keep it positive. Let go of the things you cannot control”

Tammy, @uppiesbeads59

6. Build up and support others.

“I always compliment other women, and in return it makes me feel confident and beautiful to be able to make even the smallest positive impact in the way someone feels. Think about the last time a stranger walked by and gave you an unexpected compliment. Didn’t it just make your entire day? Now be that person and I promise you’ll gain a little more confidence each time you do!”

Lisa, @LisaJMakeup

“LOVE above all else—giving and receiving—the heart is where all beauty begins.”

Tammy, @uppiesbeads59

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