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These Exfoliating Socks Made Our Feet Baby-Soft and Smooth

Jessie Quinn
Writer and expert6 years ago
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With sandal and flip-flop season in full swing, our feet are going to spend a little more time in the spotlight, which means they're also going to need a little more TLC. But we get it, with so many summer parties, backyard barbecues and beach getaways to attend to and so little time, who has an extra two hours (or more if you didn't call for an appointment) to spare for a foot spa? Enter Baby Foot, a three-step, intensive treatment for dry, rough and callused feet. These foot-exfoliating socks have spawned thousands of positive reviews and magazine features, not to mention mind-blowing before-and-after pictures that show massive difference (Warning: these pictures aren't pretty!). And this doesn't surprise me at all---I've tried it and I love it! Here's what else you need to know about this cult-favorite foot peel.

What Is Baby Foot?

Unlike foot scrubs, pumice stones, files, razors and other exfoliating products for rough, dry and cracking soles, Baby Foot is an intensive foot peel with a formula made from 17 different types of natural extracts and fruit acids---burdock root, lemon, ivy, grapefruit, watercress and chamomile, to name a few—that work together to target and gently break down the desmosomes (the adhesive cell structures that hold the skin’s layers together) within the dead skin layers on the soles of the feet. As a result, the dead skin layers begin to peel away with ease and a fresh layer of skin is revealed. The best part (aside from baby-soft feet, of course) is that the treatment requires little to no effort—take that, pumice!

Housed in two plastic socks, Baby Foot’s formula can work its magic while you relax on the couch, binge-watch your favorite TV show or even do chores around the house. Thanks to the included adhesive ankle tape, the socks stay securely on your feet while you get stuff done! Once removed, all you have to do is rinse with lukewarm water and soap and wait three to seven days for your feet to begin the peeling process.

Baby Foot was first brought to my attention the same way most beauty products that promise to take care of embarrassing beauty dilemmas—like hobbit feet—do: viral before-and-after photos on the internet. One look at the images of dead skin shedding in sheets—similar to that of a snake shedding its skin—side by side with gorgeous, baby soft, post-treatment feet and I was sold. Since then, the powerful foot peel has been my go-to for getting rid of dead winter-skin buildup and ensuring that my soles are in tip-top shape for sandal season.

What I love about Baby Foot is that it requires little to no effort and delivers outstanding results. One hour spent soaking in the plastic socks filled with exfoliating botanical extracts that slough off dead skin cell buildup leads to softer, smoother feet in less than two weeks.

Tips & Tricks: How to Use Baby Foot for Best Results

After washing your feet with lukewarm water and a gentle soap, place feet in Baby Foot's plastic socks and use the ankle tape to secure them in place (if you wish to walk around during the treatment, try adding a pair of regular socks over the plastic socks to ensure that everything stays in place). Allow your feet to absorb the product for one hour before removing. Rinse again with lukewarm water and soap. After three to seven days, you should start to notice peeling around the soles of the feet, toes and even the tops of the feet. The peeling process usually takes between seven to 10 days, but can last as long as 14 days. During this process, try to avoid lotion application—however, if your feet appear too dry, you may apply a thin layer of oil-free moisturizer—and soak your feet in water daily (or, as often as you can) to speed up the peeling process.

Jessie Quinn
Writer and expert
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Jessie Quinn is a writer and editor with work published in NYLON Magazine,,,, and more. She is a graduate of Academy of Art University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Journalism. Originally from Los Angeles, she currently resides in Brooklyn—her home for the last five years. In Jessie’s free time, you can find her creating content for her beauty blog, Hair Skin Kale, testing out DIY beauty recipes, exploring her neighborhood, or binge-watching episodes of Friends. Her background in fashion has taught her that beautiful skin never goes out of style. Follow her on Instagram.