allergic reaction to waxing?

Question: I have been going regularly for some time now to get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed. I always go to the same salon. Recently, after one visit, my eyebrows were extremely itchy and I woke up the next day to them being VERY swollen and puffy. After the puffiness subsided, I had a red rash on them. I had this all for about a week. My visits since then have been fine until my most recent. Again, I got the itchy brows and swelling. My upper lip this time got extremely dry and I even have a bunch of small bumps on my upper lip (the actual lip, not the skin above it that was waxed). Any idea what caused this? If it was an allergic reaction wouldn't I always have the reaction if they use the same things all the time?

It could be numerous things. It’s possible that they used a different wax. They could have waxed over the area more then once. Also, during our menstrual cycle our skin is more sensitive then when we are not menstruating. I have had many clients that have had reactivity on there cycle and absolutely no reactivity when they are not on their cycle. Ask the person performing the service if they use the exact technique they use with every wax appointment. Ask them if they clean the area every time and whether or not they apply a product after waxing. Asking these questions will help to eliminate possibilities. Please feel free to contact me with further information. I would be glad to help you figure out a solution to this problem.

Meagan Lasater, Esthetician