Are DIM and Dapsone stronger than Accutane?

Question: Can you please explain me the difference of how they work (compared to Accutane)? And how is it possible that DIM cures acne within two weeks?? What are the side effects of these drugs? And are they really stronger than Accutane or just as strong? If not, what is? I'm just really curious about it; I've just started my Accutane treatment yesterday. Btw, what would happen if one would combine Dapsone with Accutane?

Unfortunately I am not extremely familiar with these two treatments. DIM, diindolylmethane, is a phytonutrient and plant compound derived from plant extracts. Dapsone is a medication. The two aren’t especially comparable with Accutane. They both work very differently compared to Accutane and compared against one another. DIM promotes estrogen metabolism, Dapsone is an antibacterial pharmaceutical, while Accutane exact action mechanism isn’t completely known. We do know that Accutane alters DNA transcription, decreases the size of sebaceous glands and reduced sebum production. As you can see these all have very different methods of action. I’m not sure how DIM supposedly clears acne in two weeks, but I wouldn’t read to far into such claims. There are not many resources that state the known side effects of DIM, aside from darkening of the urine. Side effects of Dapsone are listed as possible blurred vision, sunburning, stomach pain/cramps, headache, sleeplessness, vomiting. Again, as noted they can’t be compared against Accutane, as they are extremely different, thus I would not be able to suggest whether they are stronger then Accutane or just as potent. Combined use of Dapsone with Accutane should be discussed with a pharmacist.

Meagan, Esthetician