Atopic Pleat

Question: I'm 16 and I have a prominent crease under one of my eyes. Under this eye I used to have bad dry skin and ive been using an ointment and the dry skin has been releived, however, this prominent crease stll remains. I have researched into it and I believe it is called an Atopic Pleat or a Dennie-Morgan fold. Is there a cure for this? or anyway to reduce the appearance of it? Also what could be the cause for it? Thanks.

It sounds like the dryness you suffered from was likely due to eczema. Visible symptoms of eczema can include the infraorbital fold, atopic pleat, dennie-morgan fold associated with the eyes. Although there is not a cure for this symptom it can be reduced by using treatment products for eczema. I recommend treating the area with California Baby Calendula Cream. Please contact me with further questions.

Meagan, Esthetician