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Question: I am a customer and recently a friend informed me that she read an article that certain websites are not selling the authentic prescription strength products or even expired products. I purchase the Obagi line and Jane Iredale line. Can you tell me if this is true and can you validate this website for selling authentic reliable prescription products?

It is true that there are online sites that sell products that are not authentic with the brand that is being advertised. Additionally there are sites that advertise the sale of prescription products that are not actually prescription products. I assure you Dermstore does not sell fake or inauthentic product, ever. Keep in mind that we do not sell prescription products via the Internet, as it is against the policy of the brands we retail. If you need further validation for any of the brands we retail please feel free to contact the brand/manufacturer directly.

Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician

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Question: I would like to buy these products from dermstore instead of having to go to a medspa or dermatologist's office. However, when I looked on the Elta MD site they listed Dermstore (with several other sites) specifically as not authorized to sell their products. Can you explain this? I love the brands on your site, but am wary about not getting authentic brand name product. Thank you --je

SL: correction

Actually the EltaMD website states “ Not authorized”
not to be confused with



Dermstore (us!) vs. “dermshop”

Hi JE,

EltaMD’s site lists “dermshop” as not authorized; but happily we, Dermstore, are a longtime partner and always-authorized retailer of every brand we carry, including EltaMD. Thanks for your interest!


Kat Sherbo, Marketing Director, Dermstore


SM: EltaMD

I was concerned about this as well, I’m not sure if anyone from Dermstore has directly contacted you (I’m just a costumer), but Dermstore is in fact an authorized to sell EltaMD products. If you look on EltaMD’s website, it clearly states that they only allow certified physicians to sell their products. That obviously raised some red flags, so I contacted them directly with a couple of questions, to which they got back immediately and cleared things up. A representative for their team told me that yes, indeed, they only sell to certified physicians, but because Dermstore is ran by a team of physicians and a board certified dermatologist, they have authorized them to sell EltaMD products. So I would say it is very safe to assume that every EltaMD product sold on Dermstore is authentic.

To address your statement about EltaMD’s unauthorized sellers list, Dermstore isn’t listed on it. I think you might have accidentally mistaken it for, which is in fact listed as an unauthorized retailer. The names are pretty similar, so I think it was just an honest mistake, but if you go back to EltaMD’s website you’ll find that Dermstore isn’t placed on the list. I’m going to go ahead and copy/paste the email I received from the EltaMD team, just in case anything I said was misrepresentative.

“Thank you for contacting EltaMD.

Dermstore is an authorized seller of our products. Although we only sell our products to physicians, Dermstore meets our criteria because it is a physician run site and was founded by a board-certified dermatologist.

EltaMD Consumer Care


I hope that helped you out. If you have any other questions I would recommend messaging EltaMD, or any other brand you’re looking to purchase from on Dermstore, directly and ask them. Most brands have contact information on their websites and comprehensive customer service representatives that are more than happy to assist you in any way they can. I’ve also had contact with Dermstore’s customer service team in the past, and they’ve happily helped me as well. So when in doubt just contact Dermstore or the product’s brand directly, and between the two they should be able to find a resolution for you.


Question: DY: What is the Eltamd account number for Dermstore? Please provide this number so we customers can Verify you are an Eltamd authorized reseller.

Dermstore’s account number with EltaMD

Hi DY,

Our authorized retailer account number with EltaMD is 21593. Thanks for your interest!


Kat Sherbo, Marketing Director, Dermstore