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becker’s nevus

Writer and expert13 years ago
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Q Hi, I have becker's nevus on my left shoulder. I want to make a tattoo over it. I have asked a few dermatologists and non of them said for sure if this is dangerous or not. They just said that is better not to do it. With the experience you have you may help me. Have you ever seen anyone who made a tattoo over a becker's nevus and had problems of any kind with it? Thank you very much.

Tattooing over moles, while possible is like you said not advisable. The reason being that most moles are benign but there is always the chance that the mole could be pre-cancerous. I would not recommend tattooing over a mole just to be on the safe side. However I would discuss this with a few tattoo artists in your area for better feedback. Best skin care wishes.

Meagan, Esthetician

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